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Catching Up...

It's been awhile since my last post, I've just been busy, and out of town and well, just plain tired. Justin and I had a good time over Christmas with my family. We brought back a ton of fun stuff, which is now littering the floor in by bedroom, as I haven't had time to unpack or clean that particular space since we left. The living room, however, is still spotless. Hurray!

I started my new job on Monday. I filed for eight hours straight, which is not what my job is going to entail every day, but the person who's supposed to train me is on vacation this week. I really like the people there, everyone seems very nice and fun. It's the most laid back work environment I've ever been in. I also found out that I can have people arrested for disorderly conduct and/or obscenity in a public office if they're ugly to me while I'm working. Power. Yum.

I'm a little sick today. I always get sick after a visit to Levelland. I thought it might be the climate change, but I mostly suspect that it's because I'm allergic to the herd of dogs that reside in my dad's house. I sniffle and sneeze and pop benadryl for three days straight, and by the time I get home, my immunity to anything is shot, so I pick up the first sniffle that comes by.

Half the staff in my office is out this week, either on vacation or with the flu, but it's okay, because we've been really slow for the last few days.

Also, I discovered that the greatest invention in the world is a tension rod shelving unit for the shower. I've been coveting my parents' for months, and after watching my small suction cup container fall to the floor for the hundredth time, finally bought one for myself at Target on Monday. My shower has become my favorite room in the house. Everything looks so tidy and organized. Everyone should get a shower shelf.

Just So Everyone Knows

Justin is the greatest guy *ever*. He's loving and patient with me (anyone who knows me understands how difficult *that* can be). He's funny and sweet and really cute. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have him, and I know that together, we can get through any badness that might creep in.

Last night, I drank a caffinated soda (devil!!), which I never do, and was awake all night long. I had to be at work at 9am. In spite of the fact that he was sleepy himself, he dragged himself out of bed and came to rub my back, pet my face and yes, even sing me a lullabye. Nothing worked of course, as I was in the grips of the caffine devil, but it's the thought that counts right? In any case, I drifted off around 5:30 this morning, and now I'm at work. It's going to be a very long day.

Tomorrow is my last day at the library. It still doesn't feel real. When I left the tax office in Canyon, it felt like a really life altering event. I anticipated it for months, and cried when I finally came to the last day. This just feels like...."eh." I realize that this is a very different circumstance. I understand that I've only been here 7 months and that I haven't bonded closely with anyone here, like I did over three years in Canyon, but I kind of expected to feel *something.* The apathy is very strange.

We're leaving on Wednesday or Thursday to go to Levelland for Christmas. Not sure which day for sure yet, I still have some holiday loose ends to tie up before we make the trip. I'll keep everyone up to date.

Alone At Last

Beth left for her parents' today. She'll be back January 4th. It's sort of a relief, I mean, I like Beth, and I've enjoyed having her as a roommate, there are no real problems, but it's nice to have the house to myself sometimes. When I go home this afternoon, I'm going to clean, and I am relatively sure that it'll actually *stay clean* for the duration of the holiday. Also, I'll be able to watch what I want to on tv without worrying that they're missing something and feeling guilty. Actually, I feel guilty for no apparent reason most of the time. I don't remember that happening when I lived alone. I just kind of feel intruder or something most of the time. In anycase, I have seventeen days to remember what it's like to live by myself. I feel like such a grown-up!

In other news, today officially started my last week at the library. I work today, tomorrow and Tuesday and then I'm off for the holiday. When I come back, TA-DA new job!! I'm not really tingly and outwardly excited yet, but I think it'll come close to the end of my days off. I hope. I've been a little depressed for a couple of weeks. No real reason, and nothing serious, just kind of blue. Perhaps it's the weather.

I Told You They Were Out To Get Us

Sharks are trouble. 'Nuff said.

A White Christmas Disaster?

The original plan for Christmas was for Justin and me to drive to Amarillo on the 22nd, hang out and have Christmas there and then head to Levelland the afternoon of the 24th to have Christmas with my family. This was the plan because Justin's parents said they didn't care when we came for Christmas there, and because my dad has obligations on the 23rd and 24th. Also, my mom's not going to be in town til Christmas day, and she's having it the 26th before we come home.

All was well and good until Justin's mom called tonight. When he told her the final plans she freaked out and said that wasn't good for her, and that she'd already made all these plans for the 24th and 25th. (Without telling us, I might add.) She gave him a total guilt trip about his grandmother "not going to be with us much longer...etc." (I have to tell you, at Thanksgiving, his grandmother looked pretty spry to me.) She also told him that we might as well not come.

Later, his dad called back, and Justin told him that we could come at New Years and spend the whole long weekend with them, if they wanted, but she said that that was no good either. It's just so frustrating. They told us at Thanksgiving that they didn't care what day we came and that it wasn't important etc, and now they pull this since we have definitave plans. *sigh* I don't know what to do. I don't want Justin to resent me if we see my family and not his, but I don't want to miss out on seeing my family either. And, I know Justin's family is going to be angry with me for "taking him away" at the holidays.

Next year we're going to do Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his, maybe catch up with my parents over New Years. There's just no other way to do it I guess.

I think tomorrow I'm getting a new car, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high yet. Just looking is going to be my MO. It would be really cool to drive up to my parents in a new car though, not to mention how much cheaper it'll be, in terms of gasoline.

Still frustrated, but feeling a little better since I've put it on

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I have five more days at my current job before Christmas break. After the holiday, I start at my new job, and can begin reaping the benefits of extra money and better benefits. It also means that sometime in the next ten days I need to get converted to an early morning schedule.

It's finally actually cold here. I think it's twenty two degrees tonight. The chilliness is really okay I guess, but I don't like waking up with my fingers cold. I'm considering buying an electric blanket, assuming that a) I can find one in a bright, fun color to go with my current bedroom decor, and b) that I can find some proof that it won't set me on fire in the middle of the night and leave me burnt beyond recognition. (Unless by some miracle after the flames die down I look like Mila Kunis.)

Friday the Lemony Snicket movie opens. I'm so excited that I inadvertantly squeal at random intervals. I've been waiting for this movie for a year. However, since it's not a payday weekend, and next weekend we'll be out of town for Christmas, it's going to be four weeks before I get to see it. Phantom of the Opera opens next Wednesday, perhaps we'll be able to see both movies in one evening, that'd be a fun date, might even make up for missing the 3-D Polar Express.

Nothing else new. Beth's making candied grapefruit peels, so the whole apartment smell simply delicious. It's almost enough to put me in the holiday spirit...almost.

Stolen from Patrick, who stole it from someone else...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal, along with these instructions.

"You can call me anything you want, lovely!"
-----Little Earthquakes, Jennifer Weiner, 2004

Wrapping It Up

I started and finished wrapping my Christmas gifts today., and I managed to use two whole new rolls of wrapping paper, and the rest of my leftovers from last year. Only one person is ending up with a gift bag. I feel so...accomplished. Plus, now we have four fun to play with cardboard tubes. I brought them upstairs for the cats, but Justin seems pretty entertained too.

I officially put in my two week notice at work today. I'm the second person to leave the library this month. I think it's putting some stress on my boss, but it'll work out. She said that they always have like a hundred people apply for the job when they list it. Not surprising really, since I get asked almost daily if we're hiring. I guess now I can say, "yes, we will be hiring in one month."

Nic is doing better upstairs. He's not hiding in the bathtub anymore, and Yumi has stopped being a groupie. It's just as well that he's up here. Justin and I will live together eventually, and the cats will have to get used to each other then anyway. I'm planning on providing lots of catnip. Nothing brings a group together like a little kitty pot.

My mom made me a pink apron. It's really cool and not too homemakerish at all. No ruffel at the bottom or anything, and it's bringht pink, not baby pink or scary neon. a flower sort of. Very cool. Justin thinks it's hot, perhaps he had a thing for June Cleaver or Donna Reade growing up..hmm.

We bought groceries tonight, thank goodness. There's peppermint ice cream in the freezer, and caffiene free diet cola in the fridge. What more could a girl ask for?

Off to bed soon, early day tomorrow...not as early as they will be soon, but I don't have to adjust yet!!

Bum ba da bum...

The jingle from the V8 commercial is in my head. At least it's pleasant.

We didn't get to see The Polar Express in 3-D at the IMAX theater tonight. They were sold out through tomorrow by the time we got there tonight. Disappointment all around. We did however, get to eat at Two Guys From Italy. The best Italian food place in the world, and we did get to go shopping. I'm the proud owner of a giant jawbreaker and a bag of JellyBelly jellybeans, coconut/mango shampoo and a tinny heart keychain that says "justin." (cheezy, but hey, the relationship is still in the cutesy early phases, I like it that way!)

Still very excited about the new job. I only work eight more days at the library and that's a little overwhelming for me. It really has been a fun job, and I do love the people, but avarice wins again I suppose. I keep thinking of new things that I'll be able to do again now that I have real money. Tanning is top on the list. (Yes, I know it's evil and will make me age faster, but I figure by that time, botox will be pretty cheap.) There are other good things too, like the pink cashmere hoodie I saw today, and sushi...yum.

I think Justin's sort of hippie boy lifestyle has started to wear off on me. I think that I'm much lower maintenence that I was a year ago. I've worn jeans all weekend, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but until I moved here, I rarely if ever, wore jeans. I don't feel naked without my acryllic nails, and I didn't freak out when he got marinara all over his shirt at dinner tonight. As I said, much lower maintenence.

Nicolas has moved upstairs to live with Justin and his brood of cats. (pack of cats? PRIDE of cats, that's it.) I feel really bad about it, like someone who's left their baby on the doorstep of a church or something, but it had to happen. He feels that it's important for him to pee on Beth's things on a regular basis. Not sure why. At first I thought it was because she has a down comforter. (he was rather attracted to my down comforter, when I had one.) Apparently it's not though, because she took the comforter off her bed, and now he's opted for pillows and various piles of laundry. I have no idea why this is happening. He's never had an inappropriate peeing thing's baffleing.

I think he'll be okay upstairs though. Right now he's kind of shy and scared, but Yumi, Justin's little girl cat is following him around, desperately trying to make friends. He doesn't seem interested and generally tries to hide from her. Kind of reminds me of me in jr. high, actually. Poor Yumi.

I finished my Christmas shopping! Hurray. We'll be in Amarillo and Levelland December 22-26 if anyone in that area would like to see us, let me know!


I got the JOB!! I can't believe it. Tobi, my new boss, (aah!!) called this afternoon and offered it to me. I was screaming and jumping around and crying. This is the best news I've had in a very very long time. I feel like all the stress in my life about rent and bills and food has just disappeared. In little more than a month, I'll have my first thousand dollar paycheck, and two weeks later, another one!! I can't believe it. This is the happiest day of my life. In other news, my friend Kate invited me to go with her to Summer Stock in New York in March. Since I'll have real money and vacation time then, I think I'm going to go. Very exciting stuff.

I keep having to repress screams of joy! My first day at new job is December 27, the first day after the Christmas holiday. Hurray!!!


My interveiw today went GREAT! They're going to call me tomorrow to let me know if I got the job or not...please please please!! The only thing now is breaking it gently to Jill that I'm leaving the library. It really is a great place to work, I just really need the money. Wish me luck!


Back to work today. I'm feeling better and I was actually able to sleep last night, which I'm thankful for, but I still just feel..weird. I've kind of felt like this for a few days. It's not really a physical thing, just sort of a general numbness, which makes me cranky. I've been a little snarky with Justin lately because of it, and I don't like that. (He certainly doesn't like it.) I think I must be just a little anxious and depressed. Perhaps the job interview, which is *TOMORROW* for those of you keeping track, will make me feel better. Assuming I get the job. I've never worried about an interview like this before, but I've never really needed the job so badly before. I hope I don't come across as desperate to the interviewer. ..*sigh*


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I'm sick. I didn't sleep at all until nearly 7 am but it wasn't for lack of trying. I tossed and turned and felt terrible from about 2am forward. I called in sick to work today. There's no way I could have worked all day on one hour of sleep, and with, apparently, a flock of bats in my stomach causing trouble. So, here I am. Home for the day.
In other news, I have a job interview on Wednesday. It's for a position in the municiple courts and I have to take a typing, spelling and filing test. Hmm. I can do all those things, and if they'd like to pay me $14/hr to do it, that's fine by me. So, everyone send happy thoughts this way. I really need this job. It would make my life immensly better.
I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Justin and I are going to see The Polar Express in 3-D at the IMAX theater, eat at this tiny Italian restraunt in Dallas that we love, and finish our Christmas shopping. Hurray! The only downside is that my work Christmas party is Friday morning at 8. How festive. Ptth.

Yay! I *knew I was a princess!

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My cute-as-a-button nephew, Hunter in his Monkey costume.  Posted by Hello

This is Hannah, my adorable niece. Clearly she's not thrilled about being a bee.  Posted by Hello

Click Your Heels Together Three Times

There really is no place like home, although, it wasn't as easy as clicking my heels together. After a six and a half hour drive, Justin and I are home from our Thanksgiving adventure. Overall, we had a pretty good time, although, that much time without being able to sleep in our own beds, or hideout in our own apartments made us a little crabby, and occasionally, we were a bit snarky with each other. All is well again, now. In any case, we came home with a pretty good haul. Both sets of parents loaded us up with groceries, cash, and various other goodies, on top of feeding us for four days. Our parents rock.

In other news, my neice and nephew are the cutest children on the planet. I'll try and post pics of them tomorrow after work. Also, I feel obliged to let the cat sleep in my bed tonight, which I never do, because the catsitters told me that he missed me all holiday and kept going into my bedroom and to the windows to look for me. And here I was thinking he was using me for MeowMix.

Off to bed.

The Spirit of Thanksgiving?

I'm still at my parent's house for Thanksgiving. Amazingly, so far, everything has gone off without a hitch. Justin and I were a little late getting to Levelland last night, but only about half an hour.
I got to see my friend Patrick on Wednesday night for the first time since I moved to Denton. It was really nice. It's good to know that I have a friend that'll be around, even when I've been terrible at keeping in touch.
Justin met my mom for the first time today, and we were both really nervous, but, by some miracle of Thanksgiving, they seem to get along pretty well. Although, my mom did grill me a little later about the "nature of our relationship." I told her that he was my boyfriend. 'Nuff said.
Tonight for the first time, I managed to make Chex Party mix all by myself. It's so much better than the stuff that you get at the store, and I am absurdly proud of my accomplishment.
One more feast tomorrow, this one with my mother's family. Then, no more turkey for...well, about a month I guess. How come Americans feel compelled to stuff ourselves to the gills twice within a month? Thanksgiving should be in May. That way we'd have seven months to get over the food, I wouldn't be nervous about the seven pounds that the average American gains during the holidays. Oh well, back to the gym I gues.
We should be home Sunday night by about 5 or 6. Back to work on Monday. I can't believe my five day weekend is already half over. *sigh*


Justin and I are leaving at some ungodly hour for Amarillo tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then, on Thursday, we're going to stuff ourselves at his grandmothers house, and drive (again) to Levelland to see my family, for further stuffing. Friday we have a whole day to digest before more driving to Lubbock to see my mother and her family. Sunday we're coming home. It's a total of fourteen hours in the car, and something like 837 miles, but we should never be hungry again.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday, in spite of the driving. It's been since July since Justin's seen his family, and since September since I've seen mine. It never really struck me when I moved just how much I'd miss my parents. I guess I'm thankful that we get to go home. I'm also thankful that I work for a city government that deems it appropriate to give me FIVE days off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and FOUR days off for New Years. Does anybody really still reflect on the things they're thankful for this holiday? I mean really, besides children and the very religious...I think that most of Americans have sort of filtered it down to being about eating enough to sustain you throughout the marathon shopping the next day. Not that I'm not one of them, but I've recently started to really find my spirituality again, and it seems appropriate to at least think about the roots of things again.

I'll write about how the whole family circus that is Thanksgiving goes when I get home.

First things first...

Yay, finally a little space on the web to call my own! Not sure how often I'll be posting here, since I'm rarely at a computer anymore, but we'll see how it turns out. In any case, I'll try and work on it at least once a week or so.

No promises that it'll be all that interesting either. This is mostly to keep my family and friends in the loop, so no compalints from strangers that I have a boring blog! If you want excitement, watch ER.