Click Your Heels Together Three Times

There really is no place like home, although, it wasn't as easy as clicking my heels together. After a six and a half hour drive, Justin and I are home from our Thanksgiving adventure. Overall, we had a pretty good time, although, that much time without being able to sleep in our own beds, or hideout in our own apartments made us a little crabby, and occasionally, we were a bit snarky with each other. All is well again, now. In any case, we came home with a pretty good haul. Both sets of parents loaded us up with groceries, cash, and various other goodies, on top of feeding us for four days. Our parents rock.

In other news, my neice and nephew are the cutest children on the planet. I'll try and post pics of them tomorrow after work. Also, I feel obliged to let the cat sleep in my bed tonight, which I never do, because the catsitters told me that he missed me all holiday and kept going into my bedroom and to the windows to look for me. And here I was thinking he was using me for MeowMix.

Off to bed.

The Spirit of Thanksgiving?

I'm still at my parent's house for Thanksgiving. Amazingly, so far, everything has gone off without a hitch. Justin and I were a little late getting to Levelland last night, but only about half an hour.
I got to see my friend Patrick on Wednesday night for the first time since I moved to Denton. It was really nice. It's good to know that I have a friend that'll be around, even when I've been terrible at keeping in touch.
Justin met my mom for the first time today, and we were both really nervous, but, by some miracle of Thanksgiving, they seem to get along pretty well. Although, my mom did grill me a little later about the "nature of our relationship." I told her that he was my boyfriend. 'Nuff said.
Tonight for the first time, I managed to make Chex Party mix all by myself. It's so much better than the stuff that you get at the store, and I am absurdly proud of my accomplishment.
One more feast tomorrow, this one with my mother's family. Then, no more turkey for...well, about a month I guess. How come Americans feel compelled to stuff ourselves to the gills twice within a month? Thanksgiving should be in May. That way we'd have seven months to get over the food, I wouldn't be nervous about the seven pounds that the average American gains during the holidays. Oh well, back to the gym I gues.
We should be home Sunday night by about 5 or 6. Back to work on Monday. I can't believe my five day weekend is already half over. *sigh*


Justin and I are leaving at some ungodly hour for Amarillo tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then, on Thursday, we're going to stuff ourselves at his grandmothers house, and drive (again) to Levelland to see my family, for further stuffing. Friday we have a whole day to digest before more driving to Lubbock to see my mother and her family. Sunday we're coming home. It's a total of fourteen hours in the car, and something like 837 miles, but we should never be hungry again.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday, in spite of the driving. It's been since July since Justin's seen his family, and since September since I've seen mine. It never really struck me when I moved just how much I'd miss my parents. I guess I'm thankful that we get to go home. I'm also thankful that I work for a city government that deems it appropriate to give me FIVE days off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and FOUR days off for New Years. Does anybody really still reflect on the things they're thankful for this holiday? I mean really, besides children and the very religious...I think that most of Americans have sort of filtered it down to being about eating enough to sustain you throughout the marathon shopping the next day. Not that I'm not one of them, but I've recently started to really find my spirituality again, and it seems appropriate to at least think about the roots of things again.

I'll write about how the whole family circus that is Thanksgiving goes when I get home.

First things first...

Yay, finally a little space on the web to call my own! Not sure how often I'll be posting here, since I'm rarely at a computer anymore, but we'll see how it turns out. In any case, I'll try and work on it at least once a week or so.

No promises that it'll be all that interesting either. This is mostly to keep my family and friends in the loop, so no compalints from strangers that I have a boring blog! If you want excitement, watch ER.