Justin is at work right now, but I had a class today so I'm home, which means that my favorite pizza was just delivered: hamburger, black olive and green pepper from MamaMia's Pizza. Soooo good. It's my reward for dragging myself out of bed at 8am and then walking home from my excruciating class. Ahhh!
Note: This picture is not the actual pizza...my camera's battery is dead again.


I got a new picture on my profile, taken yesterday, by Justin, who is the only person alive who can take a good picture of me. I'm also posting a good picture of us together that was taken in...May I think. Who knew cheap hotel rooms could provide pretty good light for photos? Anyway, Justin finally received his birthday/Valentines day gifts in the mail today. A PS2 and a couple of games, and the girl from Kay Jewelers just called and I can pick up my newly resized ring today. Yes, things are better than yesterday. Hmm I just realized that I look young and sunburned in that picture...and I have center parted hair...maybe its not such a great pic...but its the only one of us together so deal. :)


My profile is now lacking a picture because someone changed it from a picture of me to a picture of some random warcraft character. I do not know who did this, Justin says it wasn't him....but it's really random for it to just happen like that. I'm so fucking tired of people messing with stuff. The instances of people being in our house and leaving lights on has increased. Fuck Fuck Fuck.


Ok, somebody did my Johari Window and didn't post their name...now, all the people that I know for sure read my blog, (ie: Patrick, Tiffany, Jennifer and Justin) filled in the blank for name so I'm really at a loss here...who are you? Hmmm...

Are you the same person who has a key to our house? Someone came in on Friday night and turned the TV off, turned a light on that we never use, and locked the door when they left. I have interrogated all family members and they say no. This is creepy. Anyone with a key to our house please turn it in at your earliest convenience!!

Oh yeah

And oh yeah, I hate stores that have a website, but you can't buy the product there. How stupid is that???

A Valentine Tradition

Pierced my nose last night. I had taken it out when I worked at that terrible job in Denton...the first terrible job, not the second...anyway. The first time I got it done was Valentine's Day 2 years ago. I can't believe it's taken me so long to have it done again...so anyway, now I have a tiny blue stone in my left nostril. Fun.

Justin and I had a great night last night, we did a little shopping, and took my Valentine gift to Kay Jewelers where it came from to have it sized. I tried to post a link but it has mysteriously dissappeared off the website. In any case, it is a pink sapphire ring, which is just gorgeous. The stones start out dark, really almost red and then get progressivly lighter towards the other side until they are almost clear. Lovely. We also went to Ohanas Japanese Steakhouse and had shrimp and scallops and rice it was great and fun. I like to watch the guy crack the egg with his spatula. I don't know why that's my favorite part but it is.

Anyway, as soon as I charge my camera I 'll post a pic of the nosering and my Valentine.

What Gets Me In Trouble

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Tax Refund!

We got our tax refunds today. This is very very good news as it means we're able to pay all of our bills off and buy groceries, and since we'll be caught up, a few little fun things for ourselves. Justin's birthday is the 21 of February and he just refuses to settle on what he wants. It will be a combination Valentine's/Birthday gift so I really want it to be good. Anyone with ideas, please let me know. It's raining...very weird, as it never rains. I like it.

We are also kind of at a loss for where to go for Valentine's dinner. There is of course a huge selection of restaraunts in Lubbock but finding one that's nice and affordable, that we both like, that won't be over crowded and takes reservations seems to be a problem. We seem to be asking too much. I really really wish there was a Bourbon Street here. So far it's looking like one of the Japanese steakhouses is our best bet. That's ok, I really like the soup and sushi.

My feathers are also ruffled because the WalMart in Hereford is waaaay better than the one here. Oh well.

More news as and when...

The Mighty Huntress

The cat that I like the least, (because I think she's evil, and she thinks she's Justin's girlfriend), Yumi proved herself useful during the night last night. When we got up this afternoon, there were two dead mice positioned around the house. (one placed strategically outside my bedroom door, we are all very lucky that I didn't step on it.) So, now that she's proved her worth, I suppose I'll have to be more accepting of her presence here.

The girl who used to babysit me as a child, Carolyn, is in town this week for her father's funeral and has asked to see me, and while I hesitate to not go where someone wants me, I'm very apprehensive about going. I don't want to see people who I used to know anymore, because I'm so ashamed about how I look. I've gotten too fat and I can't stand for people who knew me when I was hot to see me. (This is also partialy the reason, that I'm having such a hard time getting to Canyon to see Patrick and Tiffany, even though, I was pretty fat when Patrick knew me. *sigh*) I now work with a guy that I went to high school with, and I'm really really uncomfortable most of the time that he's there. (This is also partially because he's turned into a kind of jerk).

The good news: We'll have our tax refunds in 2 days! Hurray!

I Need a Girl-Friend

Ok, so I love Justin more than anyone else in this world. I enjoy spending time with him, we get along great for the most part, and I can't imagine anyone that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.


I need a girl friend. As good as Justin is, he doesn't like to shop. (Which is to be expected, he is a guy after all, but I distinctly remember that towards the beginning of our relationship, he said "oh yeah, I love to shop." Perhaps this was a beautiful dream.) The thing is, I really like to shop. A lot. I don't even have to be buying anything to be happy walking around the mall. And I enjoy looking at things that I certainly dont really want or need.

Justin doesn't understand this. If I look at a gigantic diamond ring that costs upwards of 20 thousand dollars, he thinks that nothing he can ever get me will be good enough....It's shiny for christsakes! Of course I'm gonna look at it! If it was pink, I'd probably still be looking at it. That doesn't mean I want it. Doesn't mean I need it, doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy with a CrackerJack toy, as long as it came from him.

He does not want to shop for shoes, he does not want to see girly movies, he does not want to get his nails done. He does not want to watch "A Baby Story" on TLC.

I need a girl friend.

Most of my life, I've been okay without the female friendship dynamic. In spite of the fact that I myself am really girly, I've always been more of a guys-girl. I'm not sentimental at all, I don't really gossip, and most of the time I'm just more comfortable around guys. I really am okay shopping alone most of the time, and I'm not sure what's brought on this sudden need for a shopping, movie, talk-about-boys, kind of friend. But I really need one, and I need to find one soon. *sigh*