Job Posting

WANTED: Best friend for 25 year old new wife.

The job description includes the following: Must be an experienced shopper, entertainer, and amateur personal therapist. Also, must drive, listen to complaints about husband without actually criticizing him, and like to eat out.

Candidate must be comfortable around cute dogs, and must be willing to use bjore nose strips so that I can examine them when they are done.

Candidate must not have strong desires to visit SeaWorld, The State Aquarium, or the fish section at PetSmart.

Pay rate: lifetime supply of friendship, occasional home made cookies, and great gifts on holidays, birthdays, and after vacations to exotic locales.

Starting date: Immediatly

Apply in person or online by commenting on this post. All applications will be considered.

Wedding Pictures!

I have a new blog. It only has one post, and will only ever have one post probably, but it's all of our wedding if you want to see them go look.

So I'm Bored... Sue me.

1. Do you like chinese food?
Mmh oh yes, but not Chinese Buffet's. That's gross.

2. How big is your bed?
Queen. Not big enough for me and Justin though, because I like to sleep diagonally.

3. Is your room clean?
There is Laundry EVERYWHERE.

4. Laptop or Desktop computer?

5. Favorite comedian?
Caroline Rhea

6. Do you smoke?
No. Cigarettes are even grosser than the Chinese Buffet.

7. Does anyone like you?
Sometimes I wonder...

8. What’s the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
Probably that among the current administration, she seems the least amount of crazy.

10. Sleep with or without clothes on?
Just panties

11. Who sleeps with you every night?
Nobody. I'm not really a share-er

12. Do long distance relationships work?
Worked for me...but only for a short time, I don't think that it would have worked long term. Thank goodness for U-Haul.

13. Pancakes or French Toast?
Mmmh French toast. With bacon...and Eggs. Ok I'm hungry.

14. Do you like coffee?
No, and I don't like anything that tastes like coffee...especially those deceptive jelly beans.

15. How do you like your eggs?
Scrambled with ketchup.

16. Do you believe in astrology?
Oh I dunno, I like the stories behind the constellations, but I guess thats Mythology and not Astrology. I'm more likely to read tarot cards.

18. Last person you talked to on the phone?
Oh...hmm It's been awhile.

19. Last person on your missed call list?
Unavailable... We're great friends. perhaps we should get together soon...

20. What was the last text message you received?
hahaha Like I'm that cool.

21. McDonalds or Burger King?

22. Number of pillows?
I start out with 6 and work my way down as I thrash.

23. Last thing you ate?
Cocoa Pebbles

24. Last thing you bought?
Two breakfast burritos

25. What are you hearing right now?
A documentary about samurai's on the History channel

26. Pick a lyric?
"Who put the bop in the bop sha bop du bop..."

27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?
Blackberry Jam, not Jelly...this time I accidentally bought preserves.

28. Can you play pool?
Heck Yeah, although it's a little phallic for me.

29. Do you know how to swim?
Yes, but I do not like to be wet.

30. Favorite ice cream?
Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio

31. Do you like maps? depends. I like them as decor...I do not like them as instructions. too bossy.

32. Tell me a random fact:
I found some brand new panties on my floor today, tag still on. It was like going to Disney Land.

33. Ever had a hard on at work?
I don't think this is applicable to me, but if you ask, I'll tell you a really embarassing story about a bathroom at the Randall County Courthouse.

34. Ever attend a theme party?
Uh, I was a theatre major, what do you think?

35. Ever do a keg stand?

36. Craziest place you've slept after a night of drinking?
I usually manage to make it back to my own bed

37. What is your favorite season?
Spring, singin in the rain and all that.

38. What is the first music video you ever saw?
To be honest, I haven't seen many and I don't remember.

39. Pick a movie quote:
Ok, wait I have two:

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.
-A Streetcar Named Desire

40. A Favorite quote:
From Dogma:
What He (God) really hates is the shit that gets carried out in his name. Wars. Bigotry. Televangelism.

41. What is your favorite Thirsty Thursday hangout?
I don't know what this means.

42. Best friend's name?

43. How long have you known them?
3 years

44. Last time you laughed at something stupid?
A couple of hours ago I was having a throw down with our dog...that made me laugh, and was stupid, so there ya go.

45. What time did you wake up this morning?
I woke up at 5 o'clock this afternoon. We're on a night schedule.

46. Wake up next to anyone?

47. Best thing about winter?
Not having to run the air conditioner

48. Name a couple of favorite colors:
Green, Pink, Chocolate

49. How old are you?

50. What month is your birthday in?

51. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated?
Yay pirates! especially the ones that look like Johnny Depp

52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one?)
Crash, I think this is the only Dave Matthews Band song that most people can name off the top of their heads. How unfortunate.

53. What are you doing this weekend?
I have no idea. So far, this. And TV

54. Who will take this survey?
Oh...probably Jennifer

And the fun just goes on and on!


-- Name: Susanlee Bell Brinkley
--Birthplace: Lubbock, Texas
-- Current Location: Levelland, Texas

-- Eye Color: green
-- Hair Color: Dark brown, with a streak of gray, until I get paid.
-- Height: 5'6"
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty
-- Zodiac Sign: Taurus
-- Your Heritage: Irish/Dutch
-- The Shoes Worn Today: Black Old Navy Flip Flops
-- Your Weakness: Expensive Cheese
-- Your Fears: Sharks, Fish, Water...Most things wet, actually. And I'm terrified of rolling my ankle.
-- Your Perfect Pizza? Thin crust, easy sauce, hamburger, black olives, green olives, bell peppers
-- Goal You'd Like to Achieve: To figure out the goal that I want to achieve.

-- Your Thoughts First Waking Up: why is it so freaking hot??
-- Your Bedtime: 9:30 AM
-- Your Most Missed Memory: I miss having friends. We can't really miss memories unless we lose our memory...and then we wouldn't really remember it. This is a hard question.

-- Pepsi or Coke: diet pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: De Ja Vu
-- Single or Group Dates: Single, as there are no friends...
-- Adidas or Nike: um... sandals.
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: None of the Above.
-- Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
-- Cappuccino or Coffee: Chai

-- Smoke: still no. Who wrote this thing? Phillip Morris?
-- Cuss: sort of, I really only use the F word.
-- Sing: yeah, but not in front of people anymore.
-- Shower Everyday: We only have this horrible bathtub
-- Have a Crush: married him.
-- Want to go to College? I'll probably do some more of that soon.
-- Like(d) High School: Yup.
-- Want to get Married: got it.
-- Believe in Yourself: Well, I do believe that I exist, I don't know how much that's worth though.
-- Get Motion Sickness: sometimes
-- Think You're Attractive: nah.
-- Think You're a Health Freak: I wish
-- Get Along with Your Parent(s): generally
-- Like Thunderstorms: I like thunder and clouds. I do not like rain.
-- Play an Instrument: I used to be able to play the harp, and the clarinet but I don't think I could do it now.

in the past month...
-- Drank Alcohol:We played drunk scrabble a couple of weeks ago
-- Smoked: Yeah, I actually just started about 15 seconds ago. This was a persuasive meme...bleh.
-- Done a Drug: Birth that a drug you "do"?
-- Had Sex: perhaps...
-- Made Out: yes
-- Gone on a Date: yes
-- Gone to the Mall: no, and I can't believe that's true. I used to go like every other day.
-- Eaten an Entire Box of Oreos: no
-- Been on Stage: I wish.
-- Been Dumped: No, thank god.
-- Gone Skating: That is an ankle rolling hazard!!
-- Made Homemade Cookies: yesterday. and they were yummmo
-- Gone Skinnydipping: what is it with you people and water??
-- Dyed Your Hair:'s probably been 2 months
-- Stolen Anything: Not recently

Have you ever...
-- Played a Game that Required Removal of Clothing: of course I have, what is college for?
-- If so, was it Mixed Company: hello?? why would I play strip poker without someone i wanted to grope?
-- Been Trashed or Extremely Intoxicated: Not often
-- Been Caught "Doing Something": This could mean a lot of things. I'll say yes.
-- Been Called a Tease: No, I'm the other kind of girl.

-- Age You Hope to be Married: I wanted to get married at 24, and missed it by exactly 2 weeks.
-- Numbers and Names of Children: zero
-- Describe Your Dream Wedding: Paid for.
-- What do youWant to be When You Grow Up: Right now, I'm leaning toward OR Tech...back to school again.
-- What Country Would You Most Like to Visit: I really want to go to Russia


in a girl: (Whoever wrote this was obviously trying to find out something about her crush...high school girl maybe?)
-- Best Eye Color? brown
-- Best Hair Color? Some kind of dark
-- Short or Long hair: medium
-- Height: short
-- Best Articles of Clothing: Shiny
-- Best First Date Location: Indian food on the night the belly dancers are there
-- Best First Kiss Location: forehead.

-- # Of Drugs Taken Illegally: Maybe 1, once.
-- # Of People I Could Trust With My Life: 2
-- # Of CDs That I Own: I have like 30...I know, this is a small number in todays music obsessed age.
-- # Of Piercings: down to 2
-- # Of Tattoos: also 2, I like things to be even
-- # Of Scars on my Body: I dunno, probably 5

Last Person Who...
-- Slept in Your Bed? Me. Oh, did you mean someone else? Justin took a nap there last night.
-- Saw You Cry? Justin
-- Made You Cry? see above.
-- Spent the Night at Your House? Besides the people that live here all the time? Dustin.
-- You Shared a Drink With? Again, I'm not a share-er
-- You Went to the Movies With? Justin
-- You Went to the Mall With? Justin
-- Yelled at You? Justin. Developing a pattern here...
-- Sent You an Email? Tiffany

Have You Ever...
-- Said "I love you"? Yes.
-- Been to New York? Yes, I love New York. They should put that on a T-shirt.
-- Been to Georgia? I try to avoid the deep south.
-- California? I love San Francisco too...that doesn't make as good a t-shirt though.
-- Hawaii? No, and I really really want to go, all of a sudden
-- China? No
-- Canada? Yes. It was cold.
-- Danced Naked? Not in front of people!
-- Dreamed something really crazy and then happened the next day? Not the next day, but sometimes a few days later. This might be de ja vu, where your brain just tricks you though
-- Stalked Someone? I'm way too lazy for that sort of thing

Pick One...
-- Apples or Bananas? Apples
-- Red or Blue? Blue
-- Walmart or Kmart? Target
-- Math or English? English.
-- Radio or CD? radio--Too lazy to deal with cd's
-- Drawing or Painting? painting
-- High school or College? I actually liked both.


Justin and I survived our first night shift. To be honest, it was actually not bad at all until about 6am and we started getting really tired. We were mostly really really many people really make phone calls between midnight and 8 30 am? Not many...but more than you'd expect. The weirdest one was when someone placed a call at 3am (their time) and said "good morning" to the very angry person that answered the phone... Social skills anyone?? Anyway, we got home about 9 15 and went straight to bed. I woke up at 2, which is only about 5 hours of sleep, but I'm going to try and take a nap around 7 or 8 ish...I just couldn't keep sleeping with the thousands of dirty dishes in the kitchen, so I got up and washed I feel accomplished!

So that's the update

Circadian Rhythms, and Recipes

So we are officially switching over to our new shifts tonight, which means we'll be going to work at midnight...It's kind of disturbing because we haven't really had a day off this week because of the change. We went to work early yesterday morning, and have today, (which counts as a day off since midnight is technically Monday, but really, who do they think they're kidding?) Then we go to work at midnight. The thing is, since we worked early yesterday, I was tired and falling asleep by 1:00 am so now, at 9:37 this morning, I'm wide awake. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the night at this rate. I'm hoping to nap frequently today and maybe that'll keep me fueled...cross your fingers.

In other news, I have a great, super easy new recipe (It can easily be converted into vegitarian, Tiff.) So I'll put it here because I can finally cook something yummy and I want to share....

Rice Dressing:

3 Cups Minute Rice
1 Box, or 2 Cans Chicken Broth
2 Small Bell Peppers (any color, but I use a Red and a Green because it's pretty)
One medium/small yellow onion
1 Can Mushroom Stems and Pieces
1 Large Can Chicken Breast (Optional)
2-3 Cups of Velveeta Cheese, cut into squares
(or, 1 medium French Onion dip, if you avoid cheese, changes the taste, but its still creamy and yummy)
2 bags sliced Almonds
2 Cups, Grated Cheddar Cheese (Optional)
Make the minute rice in the microwave, using the chicken broth instead of water. If it's not enough chicken broth to cover the rice, you can add a little water. It should microwave for about 4 minutes, 30 seconds depending on the microwave

While the rice is cooking, chop the onion and bell peppers, Sautee in a pan (we used Olive Oil but anything works) Until they start to carmelize and turn brown at the edges

Add the Can of Chicken (Optional) and the Can of Mushrooms (drained) and lower heat. (break up the chicken into smaller pieces, so its the consistency of Tuna)

Add The Velveeta to the rice, and microwave again until melted. (if you are using french onion dip, just stir it in, no need to microwave)

Toast the almonds, you can do this by pouring them out onto a plate and popping them in the microwave for 1 minute. (It keeps them from getting chewy in the casserole so this step is importatnt)

Stir all Rice, Vegitable mixture and Almonds together. (if you start out with the rice in a big enough bowl, you won't have as many dishes, and can just mix it in that one)

Pour everything into a 9 x 13 baking dish, glass or metal, doesn't matter, but DO NOT GREASE

Top with 2 cups of grated cheddar cheese (Optional, but good)

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, until the Cheese melts and it's a uniform temperature.


(Note: this can be frozen, and does taste better the second day, so it's ideal for luncheons or events that you make food for a night ahead, it microwaves well. I always make a double batch and we take some for lunch at work)

If you make it let me know how you like it...

P.S. and completely off the subject, Justin posted more pictures of the baby to his blog.

Introducing Nikaia Drew Lang

This is our new niece on her very first day in this world!! (And Justin's mom's hand...) Isn't she a pretty little thing? (Nikaia, not the hand.)

{Editor's note, if you pay much attention to this, you will see that the spelling of Nikaia's name has changed from Nikea, to Nikaia. We were just informed of this yesterday. They changed it from the English spelling, to the greek spelling, which means "she who brings victory." Pretty cool.}

It's a Girl!

We have a new niece. Justin's sister had her baby on Tuesday. I've been waiting to post about it until I had a picture to post, but we don't have one yet, and it's just been too long. So when I get one, I'll post it...Her name is Nikaia Drue Lang. She is 6 pounds, 1 ounce and 18 inches a petite little thing. Hopefully we'll be making a trip to Amarillo to see her, maybe next weekend...

Brown Dress

Alex Martin made a little brown dress on July 7th 2005 and wore it every day for a year. (It officially came off on Friday.) She threw snowballs in it (wearing additional clothing layers in cold weather for health & safety), gardend in it, rehearsed in it, traveled in it, danced in it (shes a dancer), cooked in it, pruned her pear trees in it, reclined in it, sang her baby to sleep in it. All in a little brown dress... a one person protest against fashion.

Now, we all know this isn't my personal idea of fun, and I think there are much more important things to protest, but it's totally worth checking out...

High Hopes, Low Outcome

So, for my entire childhood, my favorite holiday was a local shindig called "Early Settlers Day." For me, it trumped Christmas, my birthday and the 4th of July all rolled into one. There was a parade {where I got to ride on the firetruck}, lots of stuff to do, and tons of booths to shop at {yes, even as a child, I had the need to spend}. And great food {honestly, can anyone resist fried and/or sugar coated?} I had not been to an ESD celebration for about 7 years, since I moved after high school and was very much looking forward to this years festivities. In fact, I've been counting the days since we moved here in August {last August}.

This morning I leapt out of bed at the crack of dawn {9:30} all abuzz with visions of funnel cakes dancing in my head. I had in fact, had difficult sleeping last night because I was so excited, and I had happy dreams of parades all night long. I proceeded to make myself beautiful {by shaving my legs}, pick the perfect "summer festival" outfit {short skirt, tank top, flip flops}, and get Justin out of bed. Then it was off to the parade!! {The parade route actually goes right down the street at the end of our block hurray!}

Unfortunately, I had misunderstood the time that the parade was going to start, so by the time we walked the 10 yards to the end of the block, we had already missed the cheerleaders and the band {very disappointing, except for the firetrucks, those are the best parts}. But I still had hope that it would be okay because after all, there was still the Shriners in their tiny little cars, and the Sheriffs Posse {do they really still use the word "posse"?} on their big 'ol horses and best of all the firetrucks!! was still rather disappointing. Perhaps it was because I'm no longer 7 years old...or perhaps it was because Justin was grumpy, or perhaps it was simply that I'd built it up so much in my mind that of course it could never live up to the hype...but the parade sucked. {My younger brother did however look quite handsome in his new fire department uniform.}

I managed to get over the crushing disappointment of the parade, after all there was still all the glorious stuff on the square to think about. We gatherd our things {I switched from the skirt to some capris, due to a fat thigh problem} and headed off to the square with Maybe. it seemed a little...dingy, and a little less glorious than I had imagined but that's ok right...?

Um...not so much. Most of the booths had turned into food vendors {hey, I love a corn dog as much as the next person, but is it worth waiting for half an hour?? I can pop one in the oven quicker than that!} There was nothing to do {hello? what happened to "event vendors" I want to throw a frikkin baseball and sink a clown!!} and the booths that sold stuff...well that was just crap. Lots of those weird vinyl balloons and gaudy costume jewelry {don't get me wrong, I do love the bling...just not when its a big purple crystal cross}.

So yeah...we did have an okay time...and we did get corndogs {Maybe got her very own hot dog, and I think I spied her eating a piece of funnel cake it was really here big day}, and we did find some stuff to buy {please, I can always find something to buy} I got a yummy wreath for the front door made of oranges, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks, and Justin got a cool hammered bronze bowl thing from the same vendor...but then we came home. It just wasn't worth standing around in the heat, and frankly, we had seen all there was to see...I did confirm that in fact, ESD used to be better. It wasn't just my imagination...and the only thing I can say is...what has happened to the small town American festival??

We are however going to attend South Plains College's summer musical tomorrow afternoon. I participated in said production for several years before I got out of here, and I'm sure that it will live up to is the same director after all. {However, it is The Music Man, so there is some room for doubt...}

Anyway, in tribute to the Early Settlers Days of the past, I'm posting an old newspaper clipping {see above} of my dad pulling me in a wagon in the parade, Reading the date, I was 15 months old {it was a couple years before the trusted me not to fall off the firetruck}. We are dressed as clowns. I'm the small one.

{Editor's Note: We are going to give this festival thing another try...I think Canyon has something similar in October. Can one of my loyal Canyonite readers please find out when it is?}


Happy 4th of July...we will be working all day, however it is at 2.5 pay so that's a total bonus. Kind of sad that we'll get home too late to see any fireworks though. We had a really good day yesterday...It was payday so we ate at Weinerschnitzel and went to spend our Bed Bath & Beyond giftcards on yummy candles and a new bathroom trashcan. I got 4 new pairs of flip flops at Old Navy, which are my favorite things. Justin got some new clothes, I got a new shirt and we ordered pizza for dinner... all the processed fatty food made me kind of sick since we've been cooking and eating pretty organically but it was sooo worth anyway, everybody have a happy 4th, blow something up for me!


I have the sweetest husband ever.