Introducing Nikaia Drew Lang

This is our new niece on her very first day in this world!! (And Justin's mom's hand...) Isn't she a pretty little thing? (Nikaia, not the hand.)

{Editor's note, if you pay much attention to this, you will see that the spelling of Nikaia's name has changed from Nikea, to Nikaia. We were just informed of this yesterday. They changed it from the English spelling, to the greek spelling, which means "she who brings victory." Pretty cool.}


momacakes said...

She is lovely. Such rosey cheeks. And so quiet. Not screaming because she can't see her mother who is sitting 2 feet away typing on the computer. They are so tiny when they are newborn and mostly sleep so there for quiet. How do you pronounce her name? "Ni -key- A" or "Nike(like Mike)-A"

Andrew said...

She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the picture. I found you via Annabel's blog BTW.

Susanlee said...

It's pronounced "Nik-ay-ah" :)