This Picture Makes Me Cry

It's time for this to stop.

At Last

I can post the news and perhaps someone will end the frenzy ( You know who you are ) My sister is engaged!! James (the fiance) told us last weekend that he was going to propose to her this weekend in San Antonio so we've all been aquiver with anticipation. So you see, I couldn't post the news until the proposal actually happened because she sometimes reads my blog. Hurray! Yes I know this isn't all that super exciting for those of you outside of my family but it is for me. D'Liesa has been a single mom for a few years now and her ex was/is a real jackass so this is all very good news. Also, I'm hoping that she'll let me test out my wedding photographing skills on her...

Here's a pic of the happy couple:

She doesn't like this picture, but I do because she looks all doe-eyed and James looks like he has a secret...apparently he did because moments later I took this picture:

James and our parents after he asked their permission and swore us to secrecy.

Together they have three children (and two supermen apparently)
Hannah, Hunter and Sean (from left to right)

Hannah is 3 the boys are both 6.

So, there's the news...everyone can relax...except the wedding planners I guess...

My Hero

Patrick emailed me this a week ago, I can't believe I just got around to watching it. This girl is totally my hero. I hope that she becomes a huge star. Joy Nash, remember the name.

Ok People

I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to post the exciting news. It sort of depends on when the person who it most directly involves finds out about it. I think it will probably be Saturday. There's been some speculation among you (Terroni) so I am going to go ahead and tell you that it's not what you think it is, because I know what you think it is. Let's face it, it's not that exciting. *grin*

I'm quite sure you will all be disappointed, but I'm excited about it anyway.

Oh my god I just saw the funniest commercial I have ever seen.

It's a porcupine, and she says "when I have a feminine itch"
and then a skunk says "and there's odor"
and then a blowfish says "do people notice?"

Well sweeties I'm pretty sure the first thing they notice is that you gals are um talking...

I have no idea what this commercial is for, as I fast forwarded after the animals were gone but I don't think I've ever been so entertained. I'm going to rewind and buy whatever it is that they are selling, even though, to save myself from embarassment, I'll say at the cash register "I don't actually need this product, but the commercial is great!!"

For Summer:

Justin's Stuffed Jalepenos (very easy)

As many Jalepenos as you want
Cut the ends off
Split them in half
Scrape out the hot stuff (seeds and veins)
(it's important to do this under running or a sink full of water because if not it will burn your eyes and lungs, or if you're brave, you can leave the hot stuff in)
Spoon cream cheese into pepper halves (as much as you like)
Wrap pepper/cream cheese in half a piece of bacon
Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until bacon is crispy.

Don't touch your eyes, nose or any sensitive bits for several hours, even if you wash your hands....unless you're into pain.

Father's Day

Still can't seem to post titles for my posts...

I haven't done a play in years. Haven't been involved in the theatre in any way except as a rapt audience member. I was pretty sure that I had the drama bug out of my system, but, as I watch the Tonys (Tivo'd) and see Bernadette Peters, I still make this noise : "ahhhheeee!"
David Hyde Pierce just won his first Tony after many many years in the biz and this makes me unspeakably happy. I know every line and every word to every song in A Chorus Line. I guess the bug is still with me.

Yesterday was Father's Day. We had dinner with my dad, steaks and potatoes and corn on the cob. Justin made stuffed jalepenos. It was delicious and a really good time. In honor of Father's Day, I'm posting a picture of my dad:

Justin brought me flowers last night after he went to the store with my brother. One of them is behind my dad's ear. Here are the other ones (and me):

Ok so that's all for now. Cross your fingers that we hear something about Justin's potential new job today. I actually have some other big exciting news, but I can't post it 'til next week 'cause it's a secret...

Click Your Heels...

We're home. It took 9 hours and it rained on us most of the way, but no drama anyway. We survived the visit with my mom with only minor scathing wounds to my ego, so all in all I'm calling it a success. Maybe is very happy that we are home. anyway I'm very tired now so I'm not going to write anymore. Maybe tomorrow.

Why can't I give this post a title? Is anyone else having this problem??

We Made It

We're at my moms now. We flew down yesterday. The first flight was ok, not very full and Justin and I got to sit together. Except for the stop on a dime landing you get anytime you land at Dallas/Love Field (which is to be expected) it was fine. We had a 2 hour layover in Dallas (I took artistic pictures of ketchup packets at the airport McDonalds, when I get home I'll show you) before our flight to Austin (by that time my mom could have actually driven to Dallas to pick us up, by the way) and then headed to Austin, which was a completely full flight, and as Justin and I didn't print our boarding passes early enough we were in the second boarding group and did not get to sit together. The guy that sat next to me was very cute though, and nice. The guy that sat behind me was Justin who kept kneeing me in the back, and the person that sat in front of me smelled like diapers. (Not dirty ones, just you know, that plasticy smell bleh.cloth diapers for my future kid. Remind me ok?) Anyway, that supposedly 30 minute flight tunred into about an hour and 15 minutes because they had to route us around Houston to miss a big storm. Anyway we got to Austin and my mom picked us up and then we drove 2 hours to here. I got to buy a watermelon on the side of the road on our way. It will be delicious, even if it makes my throat close and Justin sneeze. That's why they made Benadryl. So anyway, we're having a good time so far and today we might go to the Bluebell ice cream factory for a tour and free ice cream.


Something else wrong. Naturally. Something is wrong with the dryer. It goes, but it doesn't get hot so the clothes don't get dry unless I leave them in the dryer for days and days (which I'm sure is doing wonders for our electric bill). Anyway, so the system now is that I wash the clothes and my younger sister comes to get them to put them in their dryer next door. Then she brings them back either folded or I fold them. It seems to be working for now. I'm not sure when we're going to get around to fixing the dryer as the car is a more pressing matter. (In case you didn't read the comments, our alternator has now died as well as the back 2 tires.) Everyone cross your fingers, hopefully Justin will hear back from the manager at the job he interviewed for last week. This job will make things so much easier...I also put in an application at the hospital where my younger brother works. Maybe that will work out too...they love him over there, maybe that will work in my favor. We're leaving on Thursday for Bryan to pick up the truck that my mom is giving Justin. I don't know if I'll have time to post, but I'm taking the laptop so maybe.

There's Always Something

So, we're all moved in and everything is unpacked. (with the exception of a box of wires in the computer room. That's not my territory.) We managed to corral the other two cats with only minor injuries (to me, not the cats), and everyone seems to have settled in nicely. Justin had a very successful job interview this weekend, which we're hoping will turn into a better paying job with better hours. So, naturally, since everything is going well something had to go wrong.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but on the way home with the U-Haul last week I had a blow out in the car. Justin was ahead of me and he didn't know so I had to wait for about an hour for my dad to come get me. The tires are only about a year old so we thought that surely they would be covered under the warranty that my aunt got when she bought the tires for us last year. Apparently the alignment in the car was off (which they didn't tell us when they put the tires on), and that is what caused the blow-out. This is considered our fault so the tires are not under warranty. We have to replace both back tires on the car. They are a weird size and so the cheapest they come is $75 per tire. Fantastic. We have enough money to do this right now, but not to do this and buy groceries, gas, etc until our next payday. However, in order to get to work and have a next payday, the tires have to be replaced. Justin is in Lubbock buying new tires now. *sigh*

The timing of this would have been terrific if only we had been able to make it for 5 more days. We are flying out to Bryan on Thursday because my mom and step-dad are giving Justin a pick up. Unfortunately, our tires will not last going back and forth to work for the 5 days in between. There is always something.

I will post pics of the new house as soon as possible.


Today we had to have Justin's cat, M'Gee, put to sleep. Justin has had him since he was 8 years old. M'Gee was very old (18), and he had cancer and polyps and arthritis and lots of other things that made him uncomfortable and sick.
We are both very sad. I hate to see Justin crying like this, it breaks my heart and I don't know what to do to comfort him. He's afraid we made the wrong decision, but I know that we didn't. M'Gee was a brave, good, warm cat and he smelled good most of the time. I hope he feels better now. I wish I did.Rest in peace.


Well, we've moved. There are a few more things that we need to pick up and drag over here but really not that much. Now I'm focusing on getting rid of as many of these boxes as I can and trying to figure out how to arrange the living room. This move feels more exhausting than any other one that I've ever done. I'm not sure why, but I don't like it. Anyway, I'll post some pics as soon as everything is in order. Maybe really loves the house by the way. She runs around happily in the HUGE yard and likes to lay on my bed and look out the window for hours. She's a little scared of the kitchen though, and the bathroom, and when one of us is in the shower she freaks out because she doesn't know what it is...Otherwise she seems to have adjusted well. The cats haven't made the trip yet. That's all for now...