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On Aging

Justin tells me that I haven't been posting enough. I did take the opportunity to point out that he hasn't posted anything to his blog in months, but he says this isn't the point. Anyway, I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but other things kept coming up, or I'd just forget, so here goes anyway.

Things that make me feel old.

1. I've become really offended by teenage boy hair. How is it possible that they are all born with wavy, big, hair that they choose to grow long(ish) and then top with a hat? I always think it makes them look like bozo the clown or something...hair puffing out all around the sides. Ugh. When I was in high school, there were boys with long hair, but it wasn't all big like this....Yes, I know I just sounded like someone's grandmother saying "in my day..."

2. I love NPR. Except here, here it's only classical music, all the time and hardly any talk. I'm not old enough yet to want to listen to symphonies for 14 hours a day...yet.

3. I want everyone in whatever house I happen to be at, to be in bed at the same time.

4. Every room in my house has curtains.

5. Television shows that I watched the first time around,like The Cosby Show, are now on Nick at Nite. I find myself saying things like :"why are all these new programs (yes programs!! gah!!) on this channel? What happened to I Love Lucy?"

6. I keep an afghan over my legs when I watch TV on the sofa.

7. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and I had the heater on. (And the afghan over my legs, if you were wondering.)

8. I don't know what songs are cool...or what radio station to find the cool songs on, or how to download music onto my mp3 player.

9. I believe that they should raise the driving age to 18, and go to a year round school schedule. (I just lost Amanda, hehe)

10. I have no idea who half of the people in the tabloids are. Fine. More than half.

Anyone else starting to feel like a grown up? And not in the "can buy my own alcohol" kind of way?

Love This:

Live wide-eyed in the mystery of life and dare to love wastefully.

Saint Victor


So, I'm doing an informal survey among my married friends, mostly because I'm curious about their answers (is there really any other reason?) but also because I kind of want to know where my relationship stands on the This is Perfectly Normal Meter. If you want to take part, repost on your blog, like any other meme, or you can just email me. Unmarried/divorced/just livin' together friends, you can do this too, just alter the question to fit your needs. Leave me a comment if you do this so that I know. I'm gonna go ahead and post my answers to the questions here, because that's only fair.

Love, S

1. So...how'd ya meet? Online. This used to really embarrass me, and I'd make up some story, but whatever. Lots of people meet online now and I've gotten over myself.

2. How long did you date before you slept together? Hmm maybe I shouldn't have asked this question, or at least volunteered to answer, my mom reads this site sometimes. Oh well, dive right in. Justin and I slept together the first night we met. He tromped over to my house in the middle of the night and at first, that's all there was, sleeping, but you know I'm just so freakin' irresistible. Hear that sound? Yeah, my parents just had strokes.

3. How long before you became engaged? This is a sort of tricky question, there was never any like giant proposal with a hot air balloon ride or anything, at some point, it just became clear that we were either going to get married or continue living in sin for the rest of our natural lives. Either one would have been fine with both of us, but we think that deciding to get married was the best choice we've ever made, most of the time. We bought the ring though after we'd been together for about a year and a half.

4. Did you live together at any point before you tied the knot? Yes. I know it's not really the popular opinion among politicians and parents these days, but I really do feel like it made us better prepared for marriage. I could expound on the virtues of Living in Sin for pages but I'll leave it at: Yes, we lived together for nearly 3 years before our wedding.

5. Whether you did or didn't, how do you think this affected your relationship? Oh look I get to talk about it after all! Living together before the big day was helpful in a lot of ways. I didn't have to suddenly wake up married and realize that I was spending the rest of my life with someone who leaves his underwear in the kitchen because hey, I knew that already and I had decided to be ok with it. I didn't have the notion that somehow marriage would change Justin from Gamerboy to Husband Who Mows the Lawn Every Friday in a Golf Shirt. He knew that I wake up every morning and behave like a lunatic who can't stand to be touched or talked to for at least 7 minutes. He was also aware that on weekends, if we don't have plans, I like to sit around in my nightgown without combing my hair for 3 days and watch reruns of CSI, and he decided for himself that it was fine. No surprises.

6. How long was your engagement? About a year, if I'm being realistic. We bought the ring in May of 2005 and then we were married in May of 2006. However, we hadn't planned to get married until October 2006, so we didn't actually start planning until oh...February and then when we suddenly moved the date up I had to run around like a maniac getting things together. You can read all about it here.

7. After you got married, were you surprised by anything that your new husband/wife did? Nope. By then we'd been living together for a long time, like I said, no surprises.

8. Have you had or do you want to have kids? How many? The short answer: We don't know. The long answer: I have kind of started to feel like kids can't make things better. We're already happy now, so we don't need a child to make us happy, and what if it made us unhappy? It's not a risk I'm willing to take, you can't return a baby to the mall. If we weren't happy, a child could only make things more stressful than they already are. We certainly can't afford a baby right now, and even if we could, wouldn't that money be better spent on more pairs of shoes, video games and vacations? If we do decide to become parents, in the (far) future, we only want one.

Thanks in advance to anyone who fills this out for me, and I look forward to seeing your answers! I may post more questions later, I'll label that Research 2 or something equally clever *grin,* you can answer all of them or none of them or 2 of them, whatever. Thanks again!


I've been watching the Food Network for 2 hours, and I'm not even ashamed.

Mostly, I keep it on for background noise, as I'm completely intolerant of anything that I have to let rest, or rise, or freeze for x amount of time, because all of those things just mean WAIT, and we all know that I have the attention span of an overstimulated toddler. I could barely stand to wait even the one minute for my microwaveable, canned gravy (did you know there even was such a thing? miracle.) to be done before slathering biscuits in it and calling it breakfast. So I'm not very inclined to pull my pork chop off the stove and let it sit around for 10 minutes. Hello? I have a dog, yes, she can reach the stove top. I don't really mind things that take a long time to cook, as long as I'm actively doing something during that time. (Except defrosting. I loathe defrosting.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't have the option to partake in what has become my usual hobby these past few months (which I won't be discussing here), so instead I'm sitting on the sofa, with the laptop, reading blogs and watching Food TV. The thing is, I really love to cook, and what with my love of infomercials, I have lots of gadgetry with which to experiment in the kitchen, and there are lots of things that are fast, or at least entertaining to make, so I want to be in the kitchen, being all domestic, I just can't right now.

I do not have a great love for my kitchen right now. There's not enough counter space, and the floor is, frankly, a little scary. You'll remember that I redid the kitchen floor in my last house, so, even though we went without a shower for nearly 2 years of our lives, there was a sparkly, shiny kitchen floor and I spent considerably more time in there than I do in the kitchen of our house now. It's fall now though, and very shortly I will be bitten by the baking bug, so I'm thinking that maybe I should ask the landlord if perhaps I can put in a new floor here.

Also, I just now learned what a parsnip is, (stop laughing at me) and now I really really want to do something with them. What do you make with a parsnip? And why the hell is that woman grilling orange slices?

Editors Note: I just searched for a picture to put on this post, did you know that if you
Google the word "pot" the first 5 pictures that appear are of a certain illegal plant?

Someone's Secret.

I know it's not, but I wish this was for me.


Oh my!!
They're (whoever is in charge of this sort of thing) making a Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) Movie! (yes, I know there's a version with Angela Lansbury and Kelsey Grammar, but that's just a recording of the play, this is a *real movie*) AND it's got JOHNNY DEPP.

Things could not be happier. I'm so glad that there's this sudden resurrection of the Great American Musical among the Hollywood types. I could just well....sing!!

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.
His skin was pale and his eye was odd.
He shaved the faces of gentlemen
who never thereafter were heard of again.
He trod a path that few have trod
did Sweeney Todd
the demon barber of fleet street


From Terroni

Hi, my name is Susan

But you can call me Pretty much whatever you want to. I've heard it all.

Never in my life have I kept a plant alive for more than a month.

When I am nervous I try to be as entertaining as possible. This usually ends in disaster.

The last song I listened to was Hallelujah by John Cale

If I were to get married right now, it would be to Well I'm currently married to Justin so we'd have to work something out with the government in order to include anyone else. At least legally.

My hair is not good at all right now. It's been brushed so it's fuzzy and pulled back into a slept in ponytail. However, in general, it's better than it's been in years, most of the time.

When I was four I was enjoying my last months of being an only child, and trying to convince my mom to name the twins Tom and Jerry.

Last Christmas I got very depressed and actually took down the tree on December 23rd. This year will be better.

I should be washing dishes, or something equally productive.

When I look down I see the laptop, and an afghan that's sort of ugly, but really warm.

The happiest recent event was seeing how happy Maybe was when I came home and saw her for the first time after working two double shifts. She acted like I'd been gone a year. It was very fulfilling.

If I were a character in Friends, I'd be out of a job, wasn't that canceled?

By this time, next year, I really have no idea how to answer this question. Usually I have more of a plan than I have at this moment. It actually sort of feels good.

My current distress is that we're a little broke right now. Just for a couple more days though.

I have a hard time understanding why I've been feeling so unmotivated.

There are these girls who are new at work, I really want them to be my friends, but I have no idea how to achieve this.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell is Justin

I want to buy lots of things, most notably, a lavender button down shirt and the new Calvin Klein perfume, Euphoria.

I plan on visiting San Diego, in 5 weeks *squeals*

If I could spend the night at any house, it would be Matthew and Shannon's, in 5 weeks. I'm also pretty fond of my own house right now. There are clean sheets on my bed.

The world could do without George W. Bush

The most recent thing I bought myself is umm...I don't remember if this is the most recent thing, but I have new green velvet ballet flats that I haven't worn yet.

The most recent thing that someone else bought for me was Justin bought me dinner from Taco Bell today.

My middle name is Bell, now, sort of.

In the morning I call my friend Matthew at some ungodly hour, his time, and then, satisfied that everyone I know is awake, I go to bed.

Last night I was falling asleep at work.

There is this guy I know who uh...yeah I don't have an answer for this.

If I was an animal, I would be something with a long tail. I always feel like that's what I'm missing.

A better name for me would be I don't know that it would necessarily be a *better* name for me, but I like old fashioned names, like Fiona and Delia, and Hazel.

Tomorrow, I am having a really stress free day, including dishes and naps and hopefully donuts. The power of positive thinking.

Tonight, I am going to make a dent in the huge list of things on my Tivo, snuggle Justin, and go back to bed.