Even if they are for something that I would never in a thousand years buy.

Even if the product goes completely against my fundamental beliefs.

Even if it is poorly made and the actors are ugly.

I am completely addicted to infomercials.

I've spent the last 20 minutes totally mesmerized by the ad for the new TaeBo videos. Anyone who knows me knows that A) I hate to sweat, which is what all those people are doing and B) I am not even coordinated enough to make it from my front door to my car 100 percent of the time, much less jump around swinging a 3 pound stick, but I just can't pull myself away.

Perhaps it's time for bed.

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Amanda said...

SUSAN!! I love infomercials too!! I'm not kidding! I can never be a stay at home mom because I would order stuff all the time! haha..I LOVE that you confessed that!!