I'm working on something, so I'll be disappearing for awhile. When I'm finished, I'll post here again.

Miss me.


I'm home from Seattle, (it's actually been nearly a week) but I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting to being back here...I'm just going to post a few pics and call it good for now. These are the view from the hotel room, which was absolutely fabulous.

Here's the very first Starbuck's.

And here's me, really happy, in some random ice cream shop across from the public market.


This is not my secret, but it totally could be. When I was little, I always went for the broken toy. Even now I guess...Marlowe is missing about half of his tail.

Although, I wouldn't ever buy baked beans in tomato sauce. Gross....do they even really make that?

Doctors, Again.

My dad's hanging out in the emergency room at the Heart Hospital today. They really should set up some sort of frequent flier type program, I'm pretty sure my family would find it quite beneficial. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, my step-mother called me a few hours ago and told me that some routine tests had come back this afternoon showing his cardiac enzymes were a bit elevated, and the doctor suggested that they head over to the shiny new heart hospital to have that checked out. It clearly wasn't that big of an emergency because they waited about 3 hours before being called in. I'll update when I know more, but that's what's going on right now.

An update, as promised.

So after 4 hours in the emergency room the attending physician told my dad that everything looked absolutely fine (as he's told him about 7 thousand times). The doctor said there was a "glitch" in the original tests that sent them to the hospital to begin with and that he would give my dad a stress test next week if it would put his mind at ease. Since my dad has been totally paranoid about heart attacks (his dad had 5) his entire life he went ahead and scheduled the stress test. So, everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about and my dad will just have to find something else to fret about. I'm sure it won't take long...


So, I spent a while this morning reworking the template for my blog. I haven't decided if I like it as much as I like the one with the pink flower, but it's a start...Let me know what you think!

In other news, I cut the bottom of my right foot rather badly today. It bled all over my bedroom floor and Justin convinced me that we needed to go to the emergency room, which we totally didn't. They just put some goop on it and bandaged it and I absolutely could have done that myself. It looked like an awful lot of blood though, when I was hyperventilating on the floor so I was pretty easily convinced. Anyway, the wound isn't actually that terrible, but it looks quite nasty and I'm finding it a little painful to walk. This is particularly bad since I'm leaving for Seattle in 6 days (!!!) and that's going to involve a whole bunch of walking. Ugh. I have the worst timing.

Since I managed to get hair color all over myself yesterday, and can't seem to get it off my skin, I look like a total disaster right now. (I do, however, have exceptional hair, if I do say so myself.) If anyone has a miracle cure to take the chestnut colored spots off my face, arms and chest I'll owe you big time. I've tried alcohol, sugar scrub, lemon juice, nail polish remover, my regular soap and my foot scrubber (which didn't remove the dye, but gave me a lovely scrape on my wrist).

Anyway, I'm a mess, at least my blog looks snazzy!

Bathing Beauty?

I just bought the first swimsuit EVER that I feel really cute in. This is an event worthy of celebration!! (Haven't figured out exactly what kind of celebration yet...) And I totally want to hug the good people at Target!

A Prize!!

So, I've been "working" as a guide for ChaCha which is really fun and has increased my sense of well-being (and Justin's) by about a thousand points because it gives us each our own money to play with. Anyway, today I won a prize! :

Dear Susan:

Congratulations! You made our Top Guide list for the week of June 22nd - June 28th! Thank you for your outstanding support of our Text Messaging Service!

This means that you achieved a quality rating of over 95% accuracy in your responses to InfoSeeker Questions! Wow!

Given the varied nature of our queries and the varied times the queries arrive, your accomplishment is no small task! You should be very proud!

ChaCha strives to be a valuable service for its customers. Thanks to your magical and accurate answers they are more likely to come back for more!

Again, Thank You for your support and keep on ChaCha-ing!


Esther Friend

Director of Support

P.S. If you decide to become a guide (which you totally should if you spend time online or watching TV. It's pretty much cash for stuff you'd be doing anyway.) you should submit me as your referral and give them my email address. Because then, not only will *you* be getting some play-money, I'll get 10% of whatever you make. (Which doesn't come out of your pay.)