Never, ever, eat a whole seedless watermelon and nothing else for dinner. 'Nuff said.

Monday is payday again, time is just flyin' by!! We're working all day the 4th of July, but it's never been a big holiday for me anyway, and its 2.5 times our normal pay sooo we can be off on Saturday for Levelland's big Early Settlers Day celebration.

Small Anniversary

We have been married for one month today!! Yay marriage!

Damn Fortune Cookie

On March 18th Justin and I ate at a Chinese restaurant, and when we opened our fortune cookies, we were astonished to see actual fortunes, instead of the crap that says "you are well liked" or whatever. This one said "remember 3 months from this date, good things will be coming to you on that day." So, being the mildy superstitous girl that I am, I immediately put it in my day planner on today's date, June 18th. The three month anniversary of the fortune cookie. Well guess what? Not one good thing has happened today. It's just been a normal, boring day. We had dinner with my family, which was fine, but not special, and I don't particularly think it was great because my step mother was snarky from the moment we arrived. Justin and I bought some scratch off lottery tickets figuring, well, maybe we have to be proactive in reaching the good thing...but they were all losers, and now my hands smell like copper from counting pennies to purchase the tickets. *sigh* So now, instead of just being glad that Justin and I got through a day without a fight or any kind of drama, I'm disappointed because nothing fantastic has happened. Damn cookie.

Too Damn Bored.

I am so freakin' bored. I hate that our paydays are at the beginning of our work weeks (Tuesdays) because it means that on our weekends (Sunday-Monday) we don't have any money so we can't really do anything, and the rest of the week, we spend basically all of our time either at work or driving to work or getting ready for work. I'm tired of watching TV, and reading, and searching the internet for drivel. I'm tired of cleaning the house and hanging out with my family I just want to do something. It's too hot to hang out outside, (something like 104 degrees). At night, when it finally cools off the killer mosquitoes come out and drive us back into the house. This is maddening. AuGGGH!!


Our one month anniversary is on payday hurray!! We're going to go on a date. Justin and I in the beginning of our relationship, never had the very first, he just came to my house, later on, I visited him in Denton and we mostly just sort of hung out. Then I moved there, and there were a few dates, but not really, it was always just like going out to dinner because we didn't want to cook. Only a few times was there any sort of dressing up or actual, we're going on a date. We're going to go to dinner at the Indian food restaurant that we like and see a movie, probably the Break Up. We haven't been to a movie in MONTHS. This is going to be very fun!


I am under some serious stress. I only know this because I can't stop grinding my teeth in my sleep, and I wake up with a huge headache, and my jaws feel like they're going to fall off. This is bad. I don't know what to do to stop this...


I was very productive today, I got up and walked maybe all the way to the courthouse and around the square, visited my dad at work for awhile, came home, cleaned the kitchen and living room and woke Justin up. It was very hot and I wanted a shower really really badly, but since we live in this 100 year old house and only have a bathtub, I put on my swimsuit and let Justin shower me outside with the watering hose. I washed my hair and everything, it was soooo fun!! Like running through the sprinkler or something.

Then we went and ate pizza and bought lots of great groceries, because we are trying desperately to learn to cook. We've just been kind of sitting around since then but it's been a really good day! Now we're gonna watch a movie and eat lots of the gourmet junk food we bought at Target last night with a wedding gift card hurray!


Yes! We finally found a really good Indian food restaurant in Lubbock! Today was payday so we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner at Maharaja. Not too spicy, {they actually grind the spices individually for every dish according to how spicy you like it} very pretty and fairly reasonably priced. And we found out that on Friday and Saturday nights they have live belly dancers {as opposed to the ones that just kind of lay there}. Woo Hoo! We're taking my dad on Friday, he needs to expand his dining horizons, and who can resist belly dancers?

Letting Go.

For the first time since high school, I forgot the birthday of my best friend from those good ol' days. It was yesterday...the thought didn't even cross my mind until somone mentioned it today. I know that it's rather pathetic, but I've been struggling with the loss of this friend on and off for years (6 years to be exact.) I feel that it's because during that time, I've not made any other friends (with the exception of Justin, of course) who I feel as close to as I did to this person.... Or perhaps it's fear of becomming so close to someone, only to lose them again that prevents me from seeking out this kind of friendship to begin with...Anyway, I think this birthday forgetting is a very good sign of much needed closure, but it still makes me kind of sad.