An Epidemic

Justins younger sister is pregnant. That makes hmm...everyone I know. Well...not everyone is pregnant, but if they're not they already have kids. Its an a good way...except...I dont want to catch it. I wonder if theres a vaccine...No posts for awhile.

Too Cute to Resist

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Justin and I are departing on an excursion in the next 15 or 20 minutes. We will be driving through the night in order to make it to Denton by 9am tomorrow (today!?) for an appointment. Poor planning you say? We should have left earlier today and spent the night you say? Alas we do know these things to be true, however, I can not miss a day of work between now and November 14 or else I lose the option of being rehired when I come back after Christmas. So, wish us luck. We'll be back hopefully by 6 or 7 in the afternoon. I dont want to miss House.

In other news, while I'm gone Justin will be moving us into our new house...its...well...not lovely, It's been around since the 20s and once belonged to my crazy Aunt Oleta, but it is 4 bedrooms and it has a nice big kitchen, there are also pomegranite bushes and a large back yard with a pear tree. It does have goldenrod colored shag carpet which kind of sucks but weirdly seems to match my living room furniture and decor...Not that I have 70s furniture or anything...just stuff with lots of red yellow blue and green...and the room that will be my bedroom has lovely hardwood floors hidden under the indoor/outdoor carpet that currently resides there. We will be putting down new lineloeum in the kitchen that looks like hardwood for around 70 dollars or so...which Im really excited about...also excited about the prospect of painting the kitchen cabinets a combination of mediterranian blue and medium green and happy yellow. We will also have broadband internet and dish network while some things are looking down other things are looking up, not least of all the 200 dollar decrease in rent that we'll be paying for the house.

Wooh...okay gotta grab some socks and a blanket so that I can make an attempt at sleep on the way to Denton. Justin took off work today and slept while I was slaving away so he's been elected to drive...well that and the fact that I don't drive anymore.

Wish us luck.


Finally...tomorrow...a day off.

Sexy Punctuation

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