I Know

It's been awhile, but I try not to post when I have a bad attitude, and I seem to be having a string of not great days. Something is wrong with our car...the shift cylanoid (???) is broken or breaking and it makes the car shift hard and the "check engine" light come on. I'm pretty sure this is expensive to fix, and I'm pretty sure that we don't just have the money off hand. The hard drive to this computer is also dying a slow death, we're not sure how much longer it's got but I see a new on in the near future. My mom sent my birthday card to the wrong address. I've lived here for 2 years, and before that my aunt lived here for like 70 years. *sigh* Maybe the terrible mailman will take pity on me.

My niece is having her 3rd birthday party this evening, which we can't attend because it doesn't start until 6pm and we should be long asleep by then, as we have to work tonight. Everyone in charge of planning the party knew that, and still they exclude us. It's quite hurtful. I'm posting a picture of the birthday girl anyway. It's not her fault. So, here's Hannah:

Cute, isn't she?

Also, as it turns out, (and this should be a surprise to no one), I am not a good jump roper. I can do about 10 jumps in a row before it smacks into my toes (yes, of course I'm barefoot), and then I curse loudly. Sometimes instead of smacking into my toes it catches on my gigantic butt. It also seems to exacerbate what I think is a stress fracture in my right leg. (Probably caused from jump roping badly). But it's a lot of fun anyway, so I'm going to keep doing it. After a "weekend" of no jumping, my leg feels a little better.

Actually, after posting, I am feeling a little better in general. Maybe I should blog when I have a bad attitude. Hmm.

One week from tomorrow, I will be 26.

One year ago yesterday, I got my wedding dress in the mail.


For indulging my insecurity and saying nice things in my last post. I totally expected a whole bunch of "Gah!!" I guess that's all for now... I bought a jump rope today. Those of you who know me well will see the humor in this.

Vanity Thy Name is...

Susan apparently.

Ok I know this is vain and self serving, but does anyone like my new picture?? I think I look like a pretty hot girl...for the first time in, oh....about a year.

Here's another:

And they're new too! Not any of those "while I was still thin" pics that I usually try to post. So ha.


I passed the 10 pound mark on my weight loss "journey." (Isn't that a cheesy thing to call it? I couldn't think of a better word.) It's actually about 12 lbs down. Hurray!! And, in other things under the "finally" category, my friend Amanda had her baby on the 12. He is very beautiful, and I am very very jealous.

He weighs 8 pounds. Ha! I've lost more weight than a baby!

The ballet on Friday was wonderful and beautiful, and in a tiny little theater. It was very intimate, and sometimes I could hear ankles popping. Quite traumatic, as my worse fear is broken ankles (mine or anyone else's).

Terroni, I am working on getting a picture of my hot new bag, perhaps tomorrow.

A Little Culture

Justin and I are going to the ballet tonight. We are seeing A Midsummer Nights Dream. I am sooo excited. It's been ages since I've seen anything on stage, and it's one of my favorite things. He got the tickets for me for my birthday (which is still a while away, but you have to jump on stuff like this. The show's only here for 3 days). Anyway, it's just the best, most thoughtful gift ever! I also managed to find a lovely purse yesterday, so the great bag search has ended. It was in one of those little boutique shops that market to 13 year old girls and housewives who wish they were still 13 year old girls. It's not a place that I would normally have ever gone in, but I saw a bag in the window and you know... Anyway it was fantastic! And cheap! And don't tell anyone, but I'm probably going to go back! I figure the class of the ballet negates the tackiness of the shop. So there.

Happy Easter

There's snow on the ground here....the first snow always seems to be the week of Halloween and the last one the week of Easter. I thought that maybe that wouldn't be true this year since Easter seems later than it used to be, but apparently it doesn't matter. Eat a chocolate bunny for me!

Gimme My Fix

Newly addicted to html, I've done some tweaking on Justin's blog too. He also has a new post.


I really want a new purse. I saw one today that I really really liked, except that it had a huge rhinestone cross on the front. I really wanted to ask the lady where she got it, but I generally don't talk to strangers in public. I've looked all over the internet for one similar in shape, size and color (square, big, pink) but I can't find one anywhere. *sigh* I guess it's just not meant to be.

(another) New Look

Ok, so most of the comments about my previous new look were not that great so I'm trying something else. I think I really like this format, the only problem being that I can't figure out how to get my blog title at the top where it goes, so if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Also let me know if it is

a.) reflective enough of my girly-girl nature (Patrick)
b.) less "expectant mother-ish" (Proxima)


c.) I think that the title is probably easy to read now (Teronni), although it isn't exactly where I want it, for a long time it wasn't there at all, this is better than nothing.

Comments welcome!