(another) New Look

Ok, so most of the comments about my previous new look were not that great so I'm trying something else. I think I really like this format, the only problem being that I can't figure out how to get my blog title at the top where it goes, so if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Also let me know if it is

a.) reflective enough of my girly-girl nature (Patrick)
b.) less "expectant mother-ish" (Proxima)


c.) I think that the title is probably easy to read now (Teronni), although it isn't exactly where I want it, for a long time it wasn't there at all, this is better than nothing.

Comments welcome!


Terroni said...

I like this much better. Less straining to read, less like a birth announcement, and a picture of Maybe!

Proxima said...

Yes, I like this better too. The darker blue is easy on the eyes.