G.I.S.T. 7:365

This is increasingly difficult...and I had a sort of bad day today, but I'll try.

1. Watching old Christmas movies on TV.

2. Witnessing Marlowe and Maybe learn to fetch...they've always chased the ball, but now they know to bring it back.

G.I.S.T. 6:365

1. The fact that I can toast marshmallows in the oven.

2. Watching Marlowe try to lick a melted marshmallow off his nose.

3. FREE inhalers and Zyrtec thanks to my aunt. I can now breathe and get through the day without sneezing so much that I think I might die.

4. Realizing that I'm sad because I've been out of tyrosine for a week and not because I'm spiraling into a dark place again.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I took the picture that Justin and I are putting on our Christmas card last night, and as I was comparing it to ones that I've taken previous years, I was really surprised at what a huge difference the little bit of weight I've lost (and it really is just a little bit) makes in my face...and at how much better my hair is this year. Check it out:

This is the picture for this year. The only photo-shopping was to remove the gigantic pimple that sprouts on my forehead every year after Thanksgiving, (I removed it from the other one too) some general skin smoothing (also done in all pictures) and to change the color of my shirt from black to blue, because my hair was blending in too much with the black. I'm not good enough at Photoshop to do much more than that.

This is Christmas 2007. Not too bad...but it's clear that a) I look better in my glasses than I do without them, and b) my jawline is puffier and my cheeks are chubbier. My fingernails are also better (in this pic), but they don't appear in the newest photo. Moving on...

This is Christmas 2006. At the time, I thought this was a pretty good picture. And it is, but you'll note the even saggier jawline (which is just a nice way of saying double chin) and the GAP between my teeth, which seems to be getting better on it's own. You'll also notice that I removed my forehead zit from this picture too.

So, there you go. Christmas pictures from every Christmas that Justin and I have been married. I know you were just dying to see them.

Grace in Small Things 5:365

1. The funny pictures my niece took today when I let her play with my camera.

2. Ambrosia.

3. Family members who can cook. We just had an amazing Thanksgiving. (Yes, I'm aware that we're a day behind.)

Almost Forgot. Grace in Small Things 4:365

1. The rain, when the weather was supposed to be clear and sunny. Clear and sunny is not Thanksgiving weather. This is.

2. Justin liking the disaster that I made for dinner tonight...and the fact that he was smart enough to come up with a contingency plan for me, when I didn't like it.

3. My brother rushing right over to give me an inhaler when I couldn't breathe.

4. ChaCha finally working the way it's supposed to again. Mostly.


A Poll

So, do you guys call the side dish that goes with turkey on Thanksgiving stuffing or dressing? My family has always called it dressing, because we don't actually put it in the turkey. It's not stuffed anywhere. I was recently informed that this is incorrect, so tell me what you think.

Grace in Small Things 3:365

1. A Miami-Dade circuit judge Tuesday declared Florida's 30-year-old ban on gay adoption unconstitutional, allowing a North Miami man to adopt two foster kids he has raised since 2004. (This is a rather big thing, actually.)

2. Knowing that even though things are tough right now, we've been through much worse, and it won't last forever.

3. Justin kissing me when he gets home from work in the mornings.

Down to One

So, Justin's bathroom has been giving us problems, basically since the moment we moved in, we've called the landlord, they've made some (what turned out to be temporary) repairs but nothing has every really fixed the problem, which is that the floor under the bathtub/toilet has basically rotted out underneath the tile. (It's a kind of old house.) So today, finally, an actual plumber came! And he knew what to do about the problem! Unfortunately, the thing to do, it seems, is to not use that bathroom for ANYTHING for about a week, while the swamp that has developed under our house dries out. Then we have to stay out of the bathroom for an undisclosed period of time, until they install a new floor and pipes or...something.

We do have two bathrooms, so it's not really the end of the world. (Especially considering that I grew up in a household with 2 adults, 5 teenagers and 1 tiny bathroom.) The bad news is that the shower in my bathroom is teeny. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to shave my legs, or any of the other shower-y stuff that I like to do. I'm actually not sure that Justin can even turn around in my shower...it's basically a wet coffin. Ew. And also, I'm currently using the shower for storage, so I'm going to have to find a new place for my suitcases. But oh well, when it's all said and done we'll have a totally non-scary bathroom, with a new floor. Yay!

PS: I just watched Marlowe snatch a fly out of the air. Impressive, no?

Grace in Small Things: 2 of 365

1. This website: Tell Me What You Believe Now

2. The way I feel carrying my paisley corduroy hippie purse.

3. The massage Justin just gave me.

4. Seeing Barack Obama on TV and suddenly remembering that he's going to be president.

5. Clementines.

A Project

Okay, so I'm going to try something out. It's a project called 365 Days of Grace in Small Things. (See the button?) Every day for a year, I'm going to try to post a few things that have graced my life either on that day or in the past. I'll start today.

1. My dad bringing me soup last night when I felt sick.

2. The heaviness of the quilt on my bed.

3. How happy Marlowe and Maybe were to see me when I got home on Thursday.


This sign is in San Diego, CA.

It says: "Mission Gathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights & equality of so many in the name of God."

Be It Ever So Humble

I'm home. California was great, my friends were great and I had really good time, but it's also really nice to be home. I missed Marlowe and Maybe. I missed my family, and I missed Justin more than I've ever missed him before. So yeah, it's nice to be back.

The bad news is, that it's cold! I have a huge pile of blankets on my bed and a blanket on the sofa and the heater is on (but not very high) and I'm still freezing. The main problem is my bathroom, where there is no heating vent, and so it's very, very cold in there. Not exactly what one looks for in a room where they're regularly naked. But whatever. The chilly weather gives me an excuse to wear my new black peacoat and the hat that I stalked for a week on Etsy before Justin bought it for me. I am totally addicted to Etsy.

Today I went to Holiday Happening with my aunt, which is basically a huge "getting ready for Christmas" event, with all sorts of vendors. My dad was playing Santa Claus (he's amazing, it's really like his calling or something) and it was the first time I've seen him since I got home so they locked the children out for a minute while I hugged him and then the photographer took my picture with Santa/Dad. I'll post it when I get it. I'm really tired and probably going to bed soon, but I wanted to post an update so that you'd know I didn't get lost on a layover or miss my plane or any other terrible thing.

PS: I don't think I posted enough pictures from my trip, so here's me with a giant turtle in Chinatown.

And here's the big heart sculpture in Union Square that I love, LOVE.


This is the cupcake I had with my lunch today at The Model Bakery. Yes, it was absolutely as delicious as it looks.

The One Where Keith Olbermann Makes Me Cry

Please watch this. It's exactly the sort of thing that I was trying to say in my post On Eight, and couldn't get out this eloquently.

Magic Berries

These are strawberry tree fruit.

I don't know why they don't sell them in stores, because they are delicious and they look really magical. They grow a few blocks from here and I saw them about a week ago and didn't know what they were or if they were edible. After some research (thank you Internet) I discovered that they're not poisonous. The Wikipedia article says that they taste bad, but it's not true. They taste similar to plums, and the only thing people may not like about them is that they're spiky, and therefore feel grainy when they're chewed, but personally, I like that. YUM!


We saw W. last night. It was good, and since y'know, it's a biopic, there were no real surprises in the script itself. What did surprise me, was that I walked away feeling incredibly sorry for George W. Bush, which isn't what I expected to feel at all. I've always known, that he was in over his head, but it never occurred to me how overwhelming that must feel to him. How awful it must feel to be going down in history as a terrible president.

In the past couple of weeks, I've been very sensitive about...well everything really. I've been very emotional about babies and people who are being wronged and people who are in need. And now, I'm feeling sorry for George W. Bush. I think my new birth control may be a bit too high dose.

The movie, although many of the characters were poorly cast, did have an exceptional soundtrack. I will have Willie Nelson in my head for the next 3 days, at least.

On Eight

Because of my time in California the past few weeks, I've been very exposed to the "conversation" surrounding Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment which bans same-sex marriage. On Tuesday, it passed, and people are, to say the least, upset about it. Because this is an issue close to my heart, and on my mind, I thought I should probably post about it.

To put it simply, Prop. 8 is shameful. It is not okay to discriminate against a person based on their sexuality, just as it is not okay to discriminate against them based on their race, gender, or religion. This proposition is very clearly discrimination. People are very sensitive about the word marriage, even our new president-elect, who I feel to be a very compassionate, smart, open-minded guy has said that while he believes in equal rights for homosexual couples, he doesn't necessarily agree with the word "marriage" being used to describe their relationship. I completely disagree with this. Marriage is a contract, not some magical transformation. Anyone who is over the age of 18 in this country is able to sign a contract, why are we taking that right away from people based on their sexual preference? It's like saying that a person couldn't have a mortgage if they were black, or couldn't have a car loan because they were Catholic. There is no reason that gay and lesbian couples shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else, except perhaps "because god said so," which, quite frankly, I'm pretty sure he didn't, and even if that was the case, we are supposed to have a separation of church and state in this country.

The government, by allowing same-sex marriage, would not be forcing any church to perform these ceremonies. No one is going to chain pastors to their pulpits and make them do something that they believe is morally wrong, but at the same time, the church should not have the power to determine which people have basic rights. The right to enter into a contract. The right to be married.

The other argument I keep hearing is that by allowing same-sex couples to marry, we are somehow violating the "sanctity of marriage." You know what violates the sanctity of marriage? DIVORCE, quickie weddings in Las Vegas between people who barely know each other and teenagers getting married just because one of them happens to get pregnant. If marriage is a scared institution, why are we so casual about it? (As long as it's between straight people.) Furthermore, the group with the highest rate of divorce in this country, are those that scream the loudest about the "sanctity of marriage." Isn't that interesting? Besides that, how exactly, does someone else's relationship effect theirs? Just because the neighbors may beat their children (they don't, by the way) doesn't mean that Justin and I would be bad parents. Why would someone else getting married effect the "sanctity" people at all? They should mind their own buisness.

Texas: Improving.

I'd also like to add that regarding the election, Texas naturally went red, but the race was much closer than I expected. McCain: 55.5% and Obama: 43.8%. Who knows, maybe someday we'll be a blue state...one can dream.



To quote Justin: Further enhancing his bad-ass image, Vladimir Putin now has a pet tiger.

As further proof of his tacky Russian sense of style, she has a gold, tiger-striped bed.

The tiger was a gift from an unnamed supporter for his 56th birthday. Prime Minister Putin says he will be donating the animal to a zoo or wildlife preserve, and that he thinks he'll name her Mashenka or Milashka.


At this very moment, John McCain is giving his concession speech.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new president (elect) and his name is BARACK OBAMA!


Election Night Drinking Game

You'll need red and blue drinks, or at least colored shot glasses. I'm sure you can find something both suitable and delicious at the liquor store. (Or, if you're not a fan of alcohol, Jones Soda and Kool-Aid both make appropriately colored drinks.)

Take a sip of your red drink if:

- McCain wins a state.

- Anyone utters the word “maverick.”

- Joe the Plumber makes an appearance. (double points if he’s gotten his plumber’s license)

- A pundit implies that Sarah Palin is hot.

- Someone refers to Barack Obama as a socialist.

- Anyone says anything nice about George W. Bush.

Take a sip of your blue drink if:

- Obama wins a state.

- Anyone utters the word “historic” in reference to Obama’s campaign.

- Hillary Clinton makes an appearance. (double points if Bill shows up too)

- A pundit implies that John McCain is senile.

- Someone mentions Tina Fey.

- Anyone says anything nice about John Kerry.

Take one sip from both drinks if:

A news anchor declares that a race is “too close to call.”

Throw in the towel if:

A news anchor announces that, once again, Florida is the presidential tie-breaker.

PS: You only get to play if you actually voted!!

A Different Sort of Election

My dear friend Amanda's little boy has made the top 5 in her local radio station's most kissable baby contest. The prize is $5000 and I don't know anyone who is more deserving of this sort of prize than her family is. Besides that, Eli really is the most kissable kid on the list!

So, take a break from the presidential election hullabaloo and go vote for Eli!! Here's the link.

How could you resist this face?

You will have to enter your email address (don't worry, they don't spam) and then go back and check your email (and junk mail, just in case!) to confirm your vote. You can vote once a day until November 6, so don't forget!!

PS: If you haven't already voted in the actual election yet, don't forget that tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE!

Halloween Pics

Just some pictures from Halloween, enjoy!

Me, with a pumpkin.

Shannon with a pumpkin, in her Lady de Winter
(from The Three Musketeers) costume.

Me (with wings!) and Julian.

My pumpkin (stars).

Shannon's pumpkin (a dragonfly).

Matthew's pumpkin (a koala).