A Different Sort of Election

My dear friend Amanda's little boy has made the top 5 in her local radio station's most kissable baby contest. The prize is $5000 and I don't know anyone who is more deserving of this sort of prize than her family is. Besides that, Eli really is the most kissable kid on the list!

So, take a break from the presidential election hullabaloo and go vote for Eli!! Here's the link.

How could you resist this face?

You will have to enter your email address (don't worry, they don't spam) and then go back and check your email (and junk mail, just in case!) to confirm your vote. You can vote once a day until November 6, so don't forget!!

PS: If you haven't already voted in the actual election yet, don't forget that tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Susan!!! Thank you SO much!!!! Yay!!!! You are so sweet! :)