So Christmas is finally over, except that tonight we are having our very last family Christmas at my aunt's house. It's mostly about the food though, so I can totally get behind it. We weren't able to do gifts for anyone this year (not even each other), and so we told everyone to avoid shopping for us, but night before last my dad and siblings brought over a whole pile of presents for us, which is just the nicest thing ever. While there are some bad things about being in such proximity to my family, there are also some really, really nice things, and Wednesday night was one of them.

Justin and I felt so loved and supported, and we're lucky to have family that ignores us when we say "don't buy us anything." We would not have survived the last 2 years back in Levelland if it wasn't for my dad, Sussan, my mom (even though she's much farther away), and everyone else, so if any of you are reading this, thank you so much. We can never repay you.

Merry Christmas

I heard the bells on Christmas Day; their old familiar carols play, and wild and sweet the word repeat of peace on earth, good-will to men!

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Kids Christmas

My nephew, Sean, is moving with his mother to California next week (I think), and so today we had "kids Christmas" at my parents house. The children got to open their presents, the adults got to eat fried chicken (not the typical holiday fare, it's true, but it tasted good, and there's only so much turkey, ham and stuffing a person can eat between November and January). It was fun, except for some reason the seating arrangement when large groups get together at my parents' house is girls in the dining room, boys in the living room, and I don't like sitting away from Justin and my dad. There also seemed to be a lot of pressure on me to get pregnant....if my dad gives me the ever so subtle gift of baby booties for Christmas this year, like he always does when he's shoving D'Liesa down that road I'm going to have a complete meltdown. They have three grandchildren, do they really need anymore? Besides, chances are D'Liesa will be pregnant again eventually. She likes it, it can be her job, that's fine with me.

Strangely enough there is still a tree in my living room...Don't worry, I haven't suddenly been filled with the holiday spirit or anything, I just haven't found the energy to take it down yet.

*please note, the picture is last year's Christmas shot, with my dad as Santa, I haven't managed to get one this year yet.

Wiped Out

I accidentally destroyed my blog today, the template now I have a new one. I actually kind of like this one better...what do you think?

Sorry Sorry Sorry

For the lack of updates. I haven't had much internet time lately, just enough to check my email, drop into a couple of the regular blogs I read and then run right out again. I was out of town for part of last week, and this week has flown by in a blur. I have no idea what's even happened this week, actually.

My grandmother seems to be improving, at least from what I can tell. My mom has been weird on the phone lately, I'm sure the stress is getting to her, but from what I can tell things are better. They moved her out of ICU and into a regular room last week and have started rehab, which she of course hates. She still seems to be herself which is the important thing and although no one has actually mentioned this, I suspect she'll be heading home early in the new year, if not before.

Justin and I are moving our "Christmas" to February. We're really broke right now, and can't really afford the gift thing, so we're just going to have a big do for Valentine's Day, or possibly Justin's birthday instead. Christmas always seems to tip me a little deeper into my depression, so just ignoring it I think will help. We are of course doing something with my family, but we've asked that it just be food this year. They can do gifts with each other some other time, before or after we're there. I fight with myself every day to keep from taking down the tree. It usually makes it 'til at least the 23rd, but I started the 17th eyeing it warily. I think it puts too much pressure on us to actually have something under it, besides empty boxes and a dog. It will probably come down today. Next year, I won't be putting it up.

So that's the scoop. Oh and congratulations to my lovely and amazing friend Amanda, who gave birth on Tuesday night to the most delicious baby boy ever. His name is Eli Cole Martin and you can read all about him on her blog, which I have conveniently linked for you.


My grandmother had a (relatively) minor stroke yesterday. When I last talked to my mom she had regained use of her left leg, but as far as I could tell (Mom was being sort of vague) she did not have use of her left arm or the left side of her face. She is however well enough that she can complain and boss people around, which I think is a good sign.

I think...I'm sort of in shock about this I guess. I haven't completely freaked out or cried or anything that I feel like I should have done. I don't know if it's because I know that it's probably going to be okay or because I'm a bad person or what, but I feel generally numb and slightly confused when I think about it.

When I was in 5th grade, my grandfather had a massive stroke. He survived (for several more years), but he was never himself again. He didn't really have language, couldn't get up and down or walk by himself, couldn't swallow liquids...I don't really remember much besides that, and the fact that he cried a lot because he knew the condition he was in. When I think about that I cry...this time there's just nothing. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I'll post more as I know more.


For Christmas my aunt got everyone (Justin, my siblings and me) tickets to see Blue Man Group, which was last night. The show was amazing, although different from their regular show, which I think confused some of the crowd. The older people who had seen their Las Vegas show seemed pretty confused by the general rock concert feel of the show, but whatever, it rocked. (I guess that was the problem...hmm)

Anyway we had a fabulous time and I would recommend to anyone that can get tickets to get them and go. Even if the woman sitting next to you feels the need to thrash around the entire freakin' time, it'll be worth it, I promise. Besides, you can always put your gum in her hair when she crawls over you for the 17th time on her way out of the auditorium.


For those of you concerned with the state of my still (thankfully) empty uterus, the pharmacy exchanged the antibiotics and inhaler for my birth control so everybody's happy.

And a side note to Andrew: Thanks for assuming that I'd ever have to beat anyone off with a stick. That's the sweetest thing ever! *cheek kiss*


So, Justin and I work at night, and on Sundays, lots of businesses keep hours that we just can't work around easily. I asked my dad to pick up my birth control at the pharmacy today, which is only open from 1-5 on Sundays. I was very specific BIRTH CONTROL. I called the pharmacy yesterday, and confirmed that the prescription would be ready today. Everything looked just dandy.

My dad calls me at 1:30. "Your prescription was $50." This is weird, because it's usually $30, so I ask him, "did you get more than one thing" and he says "they told me I had to pick up everything." Ok, first of all, I know that's not true. They can't make you buy drugs!! But I figured that was ok, I needed my inhaler anyway and went back to sleep. So tonight I got up and checked the mailbox where he left the pharmacy bag, it contains:

An inhaler
An antibiotic


Obviously my dad was too embarrassed to say "My daughter,(who is married, government sanctioned sex people!) would like to avoid pregnancy, for the rest of her life, if possible. Can I please have her NuvaRing?"

I have no idea what to do now. I can't afford another prescription, which is why I wasn't picking up the other stuff to begin with, and I'm pretty sure the pharmacy won't exchange what I've got for what I need. I know this could have been avoided by me just going myself, but really, how hard is it to pick up a prescription!? Going to pull my hair out now.