For Christmas my aunt got everyone (Justin, my siblings and me) tickets to see Blue Man Group, which was last night. The show was amazing, although different from their regular show, which I think confused some of the crowd. The older people who had seen their Las Vegas show seemed pretty confused by the general rock concert feel of the show, but whatever, it rocked. (I guess that was the problem...hmm)

Anyway we had a fabulous time and I would recommend to anyone that can get tickets to get them and go. Even if the woman sitting next to you feels the need to thrash around the entire freakin' time, it'll be worth it, I promise. Besides, you can always put your gum in her hair when she crawls over you for the 17th time on her way out of the auditorium.

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Andrew said...

Ah, you are so mischievous. I like that! That lady must have driven you crazy. I saw the Blue Man Group on TV once and really enjoyed it. I bet it is an experience to see them live.