Sorry Sorry Sorry

For the lack of updates. I haven't had much internet time lately, just enough to check my email, drop into a couple of the regular blogs I read and then run right out again. I was out of town for part of last week, and this week has flown by in a blur. I have no idea what's even happened this week, actually.

My grandmother seems to be improving, at least from what I can tell. My mom has been weird on the phone lately, I'm sure the stress is getting to her, but from what I can tell things are better. They moved her out of ICU and into a regular room last week and have started rehab, which she of course hates. She still seems to be herself which is the important thing and although no one has actually mentioned this, I suspect she'll be heading home early in the new year, if not before.

Justin and I are moving our "Christmas" to February. We're really broke right now, and can't really afford the gift thing, so we're just going to have a big do for Valentine's Day, or possibly Justin's birthday instead. Christmas always seems to tip me a little deeper into my depression, so just ignoring it I think will help. We are of course doing something with my family, but we've asked that it just be food this year. They can do gifts with each other some other time, before or after we're there. I fight with myself every day to keep from taking down the tree. It usually makes it 'til at least the 23rd, but I started the 17th eyeing it warily. I think it puts too much pressure on us to actually have something under it, besides empty boxes and a dog. It will probably come down today. Next year, I won't be putting it up.

So that's the scoop. Oh and congratulations to my lovely and amazing friend Amanda, who gave birth on Tuesday night to the most delicious baby boy ever. His name is Eli Cole Martin and you can read all about him on her blog, which I have conveniently linked for you.


Terroni said...

No tree for me, and I think it helps. I feel like I go to Christmas when I visit the fam on the 24th-26th. At my house, though, it's not all Merry Merry. It's just a break from school. No lights, no extra food even...just a little wine and a lot of good sleep.

I know that sounds depressing to people who think this is the happ happiest season of all, but I love it this way.

Brinkley said...

I will never understand the calling of babies "delicious" I think this is scary and disgusting... conjures images of filed teeth and "special sauce"... (shudder)