So, Justin and I work at night, and on Sundays, lots of businesses keep hours that we just can't work around easily. I asked my dad to pick up my birth control at the pharmacy today, which is only open from 1-5 on Sundays. I was very specific BIRTH CONTROL. I called the pharmacy yesterday, and confirmed that the prescription would be ready today. Everything looked just dandy.

My dad calls me at 1:30. "Your prescription was $50." This is weird, because it's usually $30, so I ask him, "did you get more than one thing" and he says "they told me I had to pick up everything." Ok, first of all, I know that's not true. They can't make you buy drugs!! But I figured that was ok, I needed my inhaler anyway and went back to sleep. So tonight I got up and checked the mailbox where he left the pharmacy bag, it contains:

An inhaler
An antibiotic


Obviously my dad was too embarrassed to say "My daughter,(who is married, government sanctioned sex people!) would like to avoid pregnancy, for the rest of her life, if possible. Can I please have her NuvaRing?"

I have no idea what to do now. I can't afford another prescription, which is why I wasn't picking up the other stuff to begin with, and I'm pretty sure the pharmacy won't exchange what I've got for what I need. I know this could have been avoided by me just going myself, but really, how hard is it to pick up a prescription!? Going to pull my hair out now.


Terroni said...

I say you steal $'s cheaper than a kid.

Andrew said...

Uh oh, that is bad news. Better beat Justin off with a stick! lol It is always the seemingly simple things that can get so complicated. Just read about my life some days! Ha! lol So glad to have you posting again regularly. You have been missed, Susanlee.

Amanda said...

oh no!!! haha...I can just see your dad NOT saying anything about it... geez... what are you going to do!? :)