Kids Christmas

My nephew, Sean, is moving with his mother to California next week (I think), and so today we had "kids Christmas" at my parents house. The children got to open their presents, the adults got to eat fried chicken (not the typical holiday fare, it's true, but it tasted good, and there's only so much turkey, ham and stuffing a person can eat between November and January). It was fun, except for some reason the seating arrangement when large groups get together at my parents' house is girls in the dining room, boys in the living room, and I don't like sitting away from Justin and my dad. There also seemed to be a lot of pressure on me to get pregnant....if my dad gives me the ever so subtle gift of baby booties for Christmas this year, like he always does when he's shoving D'Liesa down that road I'm going to have a complete meltdown. They have three grandchildren, do they really need anymore? Besides, chances are D'Liesa will be pregnant again eventually. She likes it, it can be her job, that's fine with me.

Strangely enough there is still a tree in my living room...Don't worry, I haven't suddenly been filled with the holiday spirit or anything, I just haven't found the energy to take it down yet.

*please note, the picture is last year's Christmas shot, with my dad as Santa, I haven't managed to get one this year yet.

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Amanda said...

your dad gives baby booties as a hint? oh gosh...that's kind of strong huh! :) but...for what it's worth, you would be a very sweet mom