I passed the 10 pound mark on my weight loss "journey." (Isn't that a cheesy thing to call it? I couldn't think of a better word.) It's actually about 12 lbs down. Hurray!! And, in other things under the "finally" category, my friend Amanda had her baby on the 12. He is very beautiful, and I am very very jealous.

He weighs 8 pounds. Ha! I've lost more weight than a baby!

The ballet on Friday was wonderful and beautiful, and in a tiny little theater. It was very intimate, and sometimes I could hear ankles popping. Quite traumatic, as my worse fear is broken ankles (mine or anyone else's).

Terroni, I am working on getting a picture of my hot new bag, perhaps tomorrow.


Brinkley said...

I'm really upset that we didn't take a picture of you all dressed up :(

Terroni said...

Congratulations! Kick ass Susan!

Warning: Stay away from the Death by Potato meal on my blog, or that weight will be back in no time.
(In fact, I think people may gain 10 lbs just by reading the recipe.) :>

Again, congrats. You rock!!