Vanity Thy Name is...

Susan apparently.

Ok I know this is vain and self serving, but does anyone like my new picture?? I think I look like a pretty hot girl...for the first time in, oh....about a year.

Here's another:

And they're new too! Not any of those "while I was still thin" pics that I usually try to post. So ha.


Terroni said...

I think you look really hot! So does my roommate. In fact, she said, "Tell her the married lesbian thinks she's hot."

(But don't give Justin any of those girl-on-girl ideas the straight boys like. She is married.)

Point is, if I wasn't straight and she wasn't taken, we'd arm wrestle with winner takes Susan! :>

Patrick Goodman said...

Hmmmmmm. What can I say after a comment like that one? :)

Yes, the pics are both quite nice, Susan.