I Know

It's been awhile, but I try not to post when I have a bad attitude, and I seem to be having a string of not great days. Something is wrong with our car...the shift cylanoid (???) is broken or breaking and it makes the car shift hard and the "check engine" light come on. I'm pretty sure this is expensive to fix, and I'm pretty sure that we don't just have the money off hand. The hard drive to this computer is also dying a slow death, we're not sure how much longer it's got but I see a new on in the near future. My mom sent my birthday card to the wrong address. I've lived here for 2 years, and before that my aunt lived here for like 70 years. *sigh* Maybe the terrible mailman will take pity on me.

My niece is having her 3rd birthday party this evening, which we can't attend because it doesn't start until 6pm and we should be long asleep by then, as we have to work tonight. Everyone in charge of planning the party knew that, and still they exclude us. It's quite hurtful. I'm posting a picture of the birthday girl anyway. It's not her fault. So, here's Hannah:

Cute, isn't she?

Also, as it turns out, (and this should be a surprise to no one), I am not a good jump roper. I can do about 10 jumps in a row before it smacks into my toes (yes, of course I'm barefoot), and then I curse loudly. Sometimes instead of smacking into my toes it catches on my gigantic butt. It also seems to exacerbate what I think is a stress fracture in my right leg. (Probably caused from jump roping badly). But it's a lot of fun anyway, so I'm going to keep doing it. After a "weekend" of no jumping, my leg feels a little better.

Actually, after posting, I am feeling a little better in general. Maybe I should blog when I have a bad attitude. Hmm.

One week from tomorrow, I will be 26.

One year ago yesterday, I got my wedding dress in the mail.


Terroni said...

Thank you so much for the sweet words on my blog!

I'm sorry about your string of not great days, but I'm glad you're writing again.

Your niece is adorable!

Finally, I have to admit I may have laughed a little at your description of the adventure that is jumping rope. I'm laughing with you, though, not at you (cause that would be rude). :>

Anonymous said...

Hey...I'm sorry that you feel that way about me "excluding " you guys, but that was the only time that my dad could come to Levelland. And I didn't even decide the time of the party until Friday evening, after my dad called and told me that he was on- call and wouldn't be able to stay very long. He was only in Levelland for about 3 hours. I'm very sorry about that...BTW did you get the card that Hannah sent to you???