A Prize!!

So, I've been "working" as a guide for ChaCha which is really fun and has increased my sense of well-being (and Justin's) by about a thousand points because it gives us each our own money to play with. Anyway, today I won a prize! :

Dear Susan:

Congratulations! You made our Top Guide list for the week of June 22nd - June 28th! Thank you for your outstanding support of our Text Messaging Service!

This means that you achieved a quality rating of over 95% accuracy in your responses to InfoSeeker Questions! Wow!

Given the varied nature of our queries and the varied times the queries arrive, your accomplishment is no small task! You should be very proud!

ChaCha strives to be a valuable service for its customers. Thanks to your magical and accurate answers they are more likely to come back for more!

Again, Thank You for your support and keep on ChaCha-ing!


Esther Friend

Director of Support

P.S. If you decide to become a guide (which you totally should if you spend time online or watching TV. It's pretty much cash for stuff you'd be doing anyway.) you should submit me as your referral and give them my email address. Because then, not only will *you* be getting some play-money, I'll get 10% of whatever you make. (Which doesn't come out of your pay.)

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