So, I spent a while this morning reworking the template for my blog. I haven't decided if I like it as much as I like the one with the pink flower, but it's a start...Let me know what you think!

In other news, I cut the bottom of my right foot rather badly today. It bled all over my bedroom floor and Justin convinced me that we needed to go to the emergency room, which we totally didn't. They just put some goop on it and bandaged it and I absolutely could have done that myself. It looked like an awful lot of blood though, when I was hyperventilating on the floor so I was pretty easily convinced. Anyway, the wound isn't actually that terrible, but it looks quite nasty and I'm finding it a little painful to walk. This is particularly bad since I'm leaving for Seattle in 6 days (!!!) and that's going to involve a whole bunch of walking. Ugh. I have the worst timing.

Since I managed to get hair color all over myself yesterday, and can't seem to get it off my skin, I look like a total disaster right now. (I do, however, have exceptional hair, if I do say so myself.) If anyone has a miracle cure to take the chestnut colored spots off my face, arms and chest I'll owe you big time. I've tried alcohol, sugar scrub, lemon juice, nail polish remover, my regular soap and my foot scrubber (which didn't remove the dye, but gave me a lovely scrape on my wrist).

Anyway, I'm a mess, at least my blog looks snazzy!


Annabel said...

I've cut my foot (toe) like that and it does bleed a lot! As far as the stains... try diluted bleach. That's the only thing that worked when I got ink all over me.

Amanda said...

haha.. oh Susan... I just got a mental image of you covered in blood and hair dye. :(

I LOVE the new blog! that color is so pretty!

Terroni said...

I just got a mental image of you scrubbing yourself with a foot scrubber. I wasn't laughing. I swear. I had something caught in my throat.

I'm sorry to hear about your foot, though. Ugh. And ouch.

Oh, and the blog...I like it! :)

Tiffanie said...

Next time that happens, use toothpaste. It really is a miracle cure and will take it off. Just rub a little toothpaste directly on the splotches and then rinse off.