On Aging

Justin tells me that I haven't been posting enough. I did take the opportunity to point out that he hasn't posted anything to his blog in months, but he says this isn't the point. Anyway, I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but other things kept coming up, or I'd just forget, so here goes anyway.

Things that make me feel old.

1. I've become really offended by teenage boy hair. How is it possible that they are all born with wavy, big, hair that they choose to grow long(ish) and then top with a hat? I always think it makes them look like bozo the clown or something...hair puffing out all around the sides. Ugh. When I was in high school, there were boys with long hair, but it wasn't all big like this....Yes, I know I just sounded like someone's grandmother saying "in my day..."

2. I love NPR. Except here, here it's only classical music, all the time and hardly any talk. I'm not old enough yet to want to listen to symphonies for 14 hours a day...yet.

3. I want everyone in whatever house I happen to be at, to be in bed at the same time.

4. Every room in my house has curtains.

5. Television shows that I watched the first time around,like The Cosby Show, are now on Nick at Nite. I find myself saying things like :"why are all these new programs (yes programs!! gah!!) on this channel? What happened to I Love Lucy?"

6. I keep an afghan over my legs when I watch TV on the sofa.

7. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and I had the heater on. (And the afghan over my legs, if you were wondering.)

8. I don't know what songs are cool...or what radio station to find the cool songs on, or how to download music onto my mp3 player.

9. I believe that they should raise the driving age to 18, and go to a year round school schedule. (I just lost Amanda, hehe)

10. I have no idea who half of the people in the tabloids are. Fine. More than half.

Anyone else starting to feel like a grown up? And not in the "can buy my own alcohol" kind of way?


Terroni said...

When I get a chance later, I'm going to post my response to this on my blog. But, point is...you're not the only one.

Annabel said...

yes. I don't know what the popular songs are either, but I do know how to download music on my mp3 player. I wouldn't mind listening to symphonies all day, however. I am amazed that I'm teaching students that weren't even born when I graduated from high school.

Anonymous said...

I suppose technically at 35 I am old. I'm kept young by the kids that I work with, they fill me in on whats hot whats cool and whats in the pop charts cause its all starting to sound like noise to me.
I'm a sofa with a blanket person, and a doona in summer person.

Tiffany said...

curtins are an old person thing? who knew.
A couple of days ago I was told that I was cool for an old person. HUmmm....How should one take this? Should I be offended because one of those puffy haired baggy pants teenagers thinks I am fun or should I be offended because he things I am Old. I am old, my knees crack when I bend them. I too would love to be able to find classical anytime.

Amanda said...

hahaha...oh my gosh...I was laughing so hard as I read each thing! YEAR ROUND SCHOOL!?! COUNT ME OUT! hahaha...

Terroni said...

I finally got around to posting my response.