We Made It

We're at my moms now. We flew down yesterday. The first flight was ok, not very full and Justin and I got to sit together. Except for the stop on a dime landing you get anytime you land at Dallas/Love Field (which is to be expected) it was fine. We had a 2 hour layover in Dallas (I took artistic pictures of ketchup packets at the airport McDonalds, when I get home I'll show you) before our flight to Austin (by that time my mom could have actually driven to Dallas to pick us up, by the way) and then headed to Austin, which was a completely full flight, and as Justin and I didn't print our boarding passes early enough we were in the second boarding group and did not get to sit together. The guy that sat next to me was very cute though, and nice. The guy that sat behind me was Justin who kept kneeing me in the back, and the person that sat in front of me smelled like diapers. (Not dirty ones, just you know, that plasticy smell bleh.cloth diapers for my future kid. Remind me ok?) Anyway, that supposedly 30 minute flight tunred into about an hour and 15 minutes because they had to route us around Houston to miss a big storm. Anyway we got to Austin and my mom picked us up and then we drove 2 hours to here. I got to buy a watermelon on the side of the road on our way. It will be delicious, even if it makes my throat close and Justin sneeze. That's why they made Benadryl. So anyway, we're having a good time so far and today we might go to the Bluebell ice cream factory for a tour and free ice cream.

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Terroni said...

So you and I will both be visiting the parents this weekend. Did you pack your iron wall of self-esteem? You know how those moms can be. I'm wishing us both the best of luck. And remember, drinking helps. Not so much that you're telling dirty jokes in front of your father, but just enough to take the edge off. Godspeed, friend!