I Need a Girl-Friend

Ok, so I love Justin more than anyone else in this world. I enjoy spending time with him, we get along great for the most part, and I can't imagine anyone that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.


I need a girl friend. As good as Justin is, he doesn't like to shop. (Which is to be expected, he is a guy after all, but I distinctly remember that towards the beginning of our relationship, he said "oh yeah, I love to shop." Perhaps this was a beautiful dream.) The thing is, I really like to shop. A lot. I don't even have to be buying anything to be happy walking around the mall. And I enjoy looking at things that I certainly dont really want or need.

Justin doesn't understand this. If I look at a gigantic diamond ring that costs upwards of 20 thousand dollars, he thinks that nothing he can ever get me will be good enough....It's shiny for christsakes! Of course I'm gonna look at it! If it was pink, I'd probably still be looking at it. That doesn't mean I want it. Doesn't mean I need it, doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy with a CrackerJack toy, as long as it came from him.

He does not want to shop for shoes, he does not want to see girly movies, he does not want to get his nails done. He does not want to watch "A Baby Story" on TLC.

I need a girl friend.

Most of my life, I've been okay without the female friendship dynamic. In spite of the fact that I myself am really girly, I've always been more of a guys-girl. I'm not sentimental at all, I don't really gossip, and most of the time I'm just more comfortable around guys. I really am okay shopping alone most of the time, and I'm not sure what's brought on this sudden need for a shopping, movie, talk-about-boys, kind of friend. But I really need one, and I need to find one soon. *sigh*

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