Tax Refund!

We got our tax refunds today. This is very very good news as it means we're able to pay all of our bills off and buy groceries, and since we'll be caught up, a few little fun things for ourselves. Justin's birthday is the 21 of February and he just refuses to settle on what he wants. It will be a combination Valentine's/Birthday gift so I really want it to be good. Anyone with ideas, please let me know. It's raining...very weird, as it never rains. I like it.

We are also kind of at a loss for where to go for Valentine's dinner. There is of course a huge selection of restaraunts in Lubbock but finding one that's nice and affordable, that we both like, that won't be over crowded and takes reservations seems to be a problem. We seem to be asking too much. I really really wish there was a Bourbon Street here. So far it's looking like one of the Japanese steakhouses is our best bet. That's ok, I really like the soup and sushi.

My feathers are also ruffled because the WalMart in Hereford is waaaay better than the one here. Oh well.

More news as and when...

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