A Valentine Tradition

Pierced my nose last night. I had taken it out when I worked at that terrible job in Denton...the first terrible job, not the second...anyway. The first time I got it done was Valentine's Day 2 years ago. I can't believe it's taken me so long to have it done again...so anyway, now I have a tiny blue stone in my left nostril. Fun.

Justin and I had a great night last night, we did a little shopping, and took my Valentine gift to Kay Jewelers where it came from to have it sized. I tried to post a link but it has mysteriously dissappeared off the website. In any case, it is a pink sapphire ring, which is just gorgeous. The stones start out dark, really almost red and then get progressivly lighter towards the other side until they are almost clear. Lovely. We also went to Ohanas Japanese Steakhouse and had shrimp and scallops and rice it was great and fun. I like to watch the guy crack the egg with his spatula. I don't know why that's my favorite part but it is.

Anyway, as soon as I charge my camera I 'll post a pic of the nosering and my Valentine.

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