Click Your Heels Together Three Times

There really is no place like home, although, it wasn't as easy as clicking my heels together. After a six and a half hour drive, Justin and I are home from our Thanksgiving adventure. Overall, we had a pretty good time, although, that much time without being able to sleep in our own beds, or hideout in our own apartments made us a little crabby, and occasionally, we were a bit snarky with each other. All is well again, now. In any case, we came home with a pretty good haul. Both sets of parents loaded us up with groceries, cash, and various other goodies, on top of feeding us for four days. Our parents rock.

In other news, my neice and nephew are the cutest children on the planet. I'll try and post pics of them tomorrow after work. Also, I feel obliged to let the cat sleep in my bed tonight, which I never do, because the catsitters told me that he missed me all holiday and kept going into my bedroom and to the windows to look for me. And here I was thinking he was using me for MeowMix.

Off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Susanlee my dear, my cats never use my bed. They use ME as bed. :) Beijos! Chico