I have five more days at my current job before Christmas break. After the holiday, I start at my new job, and can begin reaping the benefits of extra money and better benefits. It also means that sometime in the next ten days I need to get converted to an early morning schedule.

It's finally actually cold here. I think it's twenty two degrees tonight. The chilliness is really okay I guess, but I don't like waking up with my fingers cold. I'm considering buying an electric blanket, assuming that a) I can find one in a bright, fun color to go with my current bedroom decor, and b) that I can find some proof that it won't set me on fire in the middle of the night and leave me burnt beyond recognition. (Unless by some miracle after the flames die down I look like Mila Kunis.)

Friday the Lemony Snicket movie opens. I'm so excited that I inadvertantly squeal at random intervals. I've been waiting for this movie for a year. However, since it's not a payday weekend, and next weekend we'll be out of town for Christmas, it's going to be four weeks before I get to see it. Phantom of the Opera opens next Wednesday, perhaps we'll be able to see both movies in one evening, that'd be a fun date, might even make up for missing the 3-D Polar Express.

Nothing else new. Beth's making candied grapefruit peels, so the whole apartment smell simply delicious. It's almost enough to put me in the holiday spirit...almost.

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