I got the JOB!! I can't believe it. Tobi, my new boss, (aah!!) called this afternoon and offered it to me. I was screaming and jumping around and crying. This is the best news I've had in a very very long time. I feel like all the stress in my life about rent and bills and food has just disappeared. In little more than a month, I'll have my first thousand dollar paycheck, and two weeks later, another one!! I can't believe it. This is the happiest day of my life. In other news, my friend Kate invited me to go with her to Summer Stock in New York in March. Since I'll have real money and vacation time then, I think I'm going to go. Very exciting stuff.

I keep having to repress screams of joy! My first day at new job is December 27, the first day after the Christmas holiday. Hurray!!!


Anonymous said...

Never repress a scream of joy dear. They are rare and the world needs them desperately. On your job, congratulations. I hope you never forget that you can't give up hope, that you deserves the best and that this is just the beginning. Beijos, Chico.

Patrick Goodman said...

Sweetie, if you were to cut a couple or three of the As out of the title of this one, your profile and that pretty picture would be back to the top, beside the posts instead of forced down to the bottom of the page.