Bum ba da bum...

The jingle from the V8 commercial is in my head. At least it's pleasant.

We didn't get to see The Polar Express in 3-D at the IMAX theater tonight. They were sold out through tomorrow by the time we got there tonight. Disappointment all around. We did however, get to eat at Two Guys From Italy. The best Italian food place in the world, and we did get to go shopping. I'm the proud owner of a giant jawbreaker and a bag of JellyBelly jellybeans, coconut/mango shampoo and a tinny heart keychain that says "justin." (cheezy, but hey, the relationship is still in the cutesy early phases, I like it that way!)

Still very excited about the new job. I only work eight more days at the library and that's a little overwhelming for me. It really has been a fun job, and I do love the people, but avarice wins again I suppose. I keep thinking of new things that I'll be able to do again now that I have real money. Tanning is top on the list. (Yes, I know it's evil and will make me age faster, but I figure by that time, botox will be pretty cheap.) There are other good things too, like the pink cashmere hoodie I saw today, and sushi...yum.

I think Justin's sort of hippie boy lifestyle has started to wear off on me. I think that I'm much lower maintenence that I was a year ago. I've worn jeans all weekend, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but until I moved here, I rarely if ever, wore jeans. I don't feel naked without my acryllic nails, and I didn't freak out when he got marinara all over his shirt at dinner tonight. As I said, much lower maintenence.

Nicolas has moved upstairs to live with Justin and his brood of cats. (pack of cats? PRIDE of cats, that's it.) I feel really bad about it, like someone who's left their baby on the doorstep of a church or something, but it had to happen. He feels that it's important for him to pee on Beth's things on a regular basis. Not sure why. At first I thought it was because she has a down comforter. (he was rather attracted to my down comforter, when I had one.) Apparently it's not though, because she took the comforter off her bed, and now he's opted for pillows and various piles of laundry. I have no idea why this is happening. He's never had an inappropriate peeing thing before....it's baffleing.

I think he'll be okay upstairs though. Right now he's kind of shy and scared, but Yumi, Justin's little girl cat is following him around, desperately trying to make friends. He doesn't seem interested and generally tries to hide from her. Kind of reminds me of me in jr. high, actually. Poor Yumi.

I finished my Christmas shopping! Hurray. We'll be in Amarillo and Levelland December 22-26 if anyone in that area would like to see us, let me know!

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Patrick Goodman said...

YOu know I want you to come by sometime to say hello, don't you?