Wrapping It Up

I started and finished wrapping my Christmas gifts today., and I managed to use two whole new rolls of wrapping paper, and the rest of my leftovers from last year. Only one person is ending up with a gift bag. I feel so...accomplished. Plus, now we have four fun to play with cardboard tubes. I brought them upstairs for the cats, but Justin seems pretty entertained too.

I officially put in my two week notice at work today. I'm the second person to leave the library this month. I think it's putting some stress on my boss, but it'll work out. She said that they always have like a hundred people apply for the job when they list it. Not surprising really, since I get asked almost daily if we're hiring. I guess now I can say, "yes, we will be hiring in one month."

Nic is doing better upstairs. He's not hiding in the bathtub anymore, and Yumi has stopped being a groupie. It's just as well that he's up here. Justin and I will live together eventually, and the cats will have to get used to each other then anyway. I'm planning on providing lots of catnip. Nothing brings a group together like a little kitty pot.

My mom made me a pink apron. It's really cool and not too homemakerish at all. No ruffel at the bottom or anything, and it's bringht pink, not baby pink or scary neon. Just...like a flower sort of. Very cool. Justin thinks it's hot, perhaps he had a thing for June Cleaver or Donna Reade growing up..hmm.

We bought groceries tonight, thank goodness. There's peppermint ice cream in the freezer, and caffiene free diet cola in the fridge. What more could a girl ask for?

Off to bed soon, early day tomorrow...not as early as they will be soon, but I don't have to adjust yet!!

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