I'm sick. I didn't sleep at all until nearly 7 am but it wasn't for lack of trying. I tossed and turned and felt terrible from about 2am forward. I called in sick to work today. There's no way I could have worked all day on one hour of sleep, and with, apparently, a flock of bats in my stomach causing trouble. So, here I am. Home for the day.
In other news, I have a job interview on Wednesday. It's for a position in the municiple courts and I have to take a typing, spelling and filing test. Hmm. I can do all those things, and if they'd like to pay me $14/hr to do it, that's fine by me. So, everyone send happy thoughts this way. I really need this job. It would make my life immensly better.
I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Justin and I are going to see The Polar Express in 3-D at the IMAX theater, eat at this tiny Italian restraunt in Dallas that we love, and finish our Christmas shopping. Hurray! The only downside is that my work Christmas party is Friday morning at 8. How festive. Ptth.

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you're gonna get it!