Alone At Last

Beth left for her parents' today. She'll be back January 4th. It's sort of a relief, I mean, I like Beth, and I've enjoyed having her as a roommate, there are no real problems, but it's nice to have the house to myself sometimes. When I go home this afternoon, I'm going to clean, and I am relatively sure that it'll actually *stay clean* for the duration of the holiday. Also, I'll be able to watch what I want to on tv without worrying that they're missing something and feeling guilty. Actually, I feel guilty for no apparent reason most of the time. I don't remember that happening when I lived alone. I just kind of feel intruder or something most of the time. In anycase, I have seventeen days to remember what it's like to live by myself. I feel like such a grown-up!

In other news, today officially started my last week at the library. I work today, tomorrow and Tuesday and then I'm off for the holiday. When I come back, TA-DA new job!! I'm not really tingly and outwardly excited yet, but I think it'll come close to the end of my days off. I hope. I've been a little depressed for a couple of weeks. No real reason, and nothing serious, just kind of blue. Perhaps it's the weather.

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