Sofa Time

I sort of feel like dancing tonight. Unfortunate, as it's already past midnight, and I haven't spent enough time out of bed today to even shower, much less apply the amount of glittery eye shadow required for a night on the town. Instead I'm settling for popcorn and Ally McBeal. It sounds sad, but really, this is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night. I am officially old. And, for the moment, weirdly content with my life.


Toddy said...

I hear ya. I didn't go out last night either (Saturday) but opted to stay home by myself. I took a hot bath, read my book, watched a movie and got chinese takeout. bliss. ever since my bday this past Thursday where I turned a super young 28 I literally feel like my body was like HAH - time to break down my pretty! I threw my back out and its still not quite right. jeezus. Its gonna be a long life. Additionally, I told my boyfriend (aka Mr. U) I didn't think we should hang out again until next weekend as opposed to seeing him during the week. He's exhausting me. I'm not used to so much "activity." Glad you are weirdly contented. Why "weirdly" so? Because its unusual? More of that then in the year to come. Oh and I adore Ally Mcbeal especially the musical numbers. My favorite was when the geeky lawyer guy sings "The Music Man" as a closing statement in court. Cheers, T.

Susanlee said...

My favorite moments of Ally are the ones that make me cry. Which is a lot of them. I love having feelings.

Weirdly content because yeah, I hardly ever am. Particularly since some pretty crappy stuff has happened recently that would normally have sent me into a spiral of depression. Hurray for meds!