Auto-Correct, You're Making Me Look Bad!

Yesterday after work, I hung around the hospital for awhile to get my yearly TB test and my (every 10 years)  DTaP booster. Naturally, the world being what it is, I posted what I was doing to Facebook from my phone. Now the whole wide world thinks that I think the abbreviation for tuberculosis is TV,as opposed to TB. Shameful.  Or perhaps they think that I'm running some sort of diagnostic on my television. Which would make sense, as it's the only electronic in my house that hasn't decided to sigh deeply and die this month. Anyway, I'm going to have to give Auto-Correct a formal counselling. (That's what they call it at work when I get in trouble for something. Not that I have.)

Auto-Correct, you've come in handy in lots of cases. Particularly when I'm trying to quickly text while stopped at a red light. You always know that my garble of random letters is actually supposed to mean dinner, or groceries or pretty much anything besides cgeeklw. And for that, I'm grateful. I am not, however, as proud of your performance concerning actual words that you just don't know. For example, it's not funny to change "haha!" to "hats!" without some kind of warning. Ok, well it was funny the first time, but not after that. And sure, it was hilarious when you changed Dick Cheney to Anal Cheney, but not when I'm trying to be serious! I guess what I mean to say is, check with me before you try your clever little tricks on my FaceBook page. And especially give a little warning when I'm texting my mother. The version of TB test that she got read "TV tits," and, well, she was not exactly amused. In short, stop getting me in trouble!

There now, I feel much better.


Roxy said...

I absolutely hate auto correct. It takes me about half an hour to compose a text message these days.

Toddy said...

I've been having issues with auto correct lately too. But I can't get myself to turn it off because eventually hilarity ensures. Yesterday I mean to write "dont hate" and it turned into "dingbats." since when is "dingbats" a popular enough word or phrase that it would automatically be the first thing to automatically come to mind/correction? Love it! Cheers, T.

Gina said...

Literally laughing out loud! Thank you!