A Series of Wrong Answers

Me: Do you think I'm crazy?
Him: (a little too quickly) Well, yeah!

Me: Do you like these new (slightly too big, boy-cut) panties?
Him: Yeah....they're kind of tight.  (rude and untrue!)

Me: Do you want to (whatever)?
Him: Not really, but I will. (And thus begins the "I want you to want to" fight.)

Sigh. Why do guys always get the wrong version of the script?


Terroni said...

Ah, the old I want you to want to fight.
It's a classic, that one.

Toddy said...

Why don't they just want to? Its a strug.

Susanlee said...

I know. Or at least pretend to want to. J always says "of -course- I don't want to, but I will!" Like that helps. Ptth.

Brinkley said...

I'm just trying to be honest.