On This Episode of Magic Schoolbus

We explore what goes on in the brain of a man when he notices a sink full of dirty dishes. Let's board the bus and see what we find!
**Magical Noises**
Teacher: Here we are! Wow, look at all the storage space devoted to football...
Man Brain: Oh the sink is full. Maybe I'll help out by washing some of these dishes!
Teacher: Wow, initiative! I'm so impressed!
Man Brain: Let's see, I'll wash this cutting board, tea pitcher, microwave plate and...colander!
Man Brain: Oh! The drainer is already full! That didn't take long at all. I don't know what Wife is always complaining about. She must just be lazy.
Teacher: Hmm...that might not be such a good example to follow boys & girls.
Man Brain: My turn with the dishes is over. Wife can wash these 300 plates, glasses, silverware, pots and pans. I've clearly done my part. Maybe I'll even get a special prize for my contribution!
Teacher: Ok kids, lesson over. Next week we'll learn all about the inner workings of bad drivers!


Vittoria said...

sigh. this made me want my old dishwasher back.

Terroni said...

Oy. Men.

Toddy said...

This is why I'm not married. I'd rather spend half the amount of time doing the dishes, than time I'd spend being fuming mad at hubby who didn't do the dishes/only partially did them. Cheers, T.