Terrible Moments From Childhood II

When I was in elementary school, my best friend Meredith lived at the opposite end of the cul de sac from where I lived. It's just a block, but to a little kid, it's a pretty long walk. Everyone in the neighborhood was friends, and since we were kids, it never occurred to any of us that we should call before heading off to play.

One sunny summer morning I started walking off to see Meredith. Somewhere in between my house and hers I realized that I had to pee. It wasn't a disaster, I was only a few houses away from hers and I could just go when I got there. I got to the door and they weren't home. Well now, this is a problem. Now I'm a little stressed out about the lack of a nearby bathroom, but figure that someone will let me in, after all, it's a small town, and everybody in the neighborhood knows me, and who turns down a 7 year old in need of a toilet?

(This picture looks wildly appropriate for this story, but I'm actually playing hopscotch, not preparing to wet my pants.)

About three houses down from Meredith's was my friend Courtney's house. There was a car in the driveway, and with great relief, I knocked on the door. Her mom answered, and was very weird about me being there. Courtney wasn't home. I asked if I could come in to use the restroom anyway and she said no! Who does that? Seriously, if there was a child (especially one you knew) doing the potty dance on your front porch would you tell them to keep on walkin'? No way. But she did and it totally serves her right that I wet my pants and her driveway.

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Amanda said...

She said NO????? WHAT?????