My mom and James came to visit for a while today, and tomorrow she is leaving and taking my brother and sister back home with her for about 3 weeks. The best part of the (short) visit, besides the free dinner, and getting to see our guests was our visit to the Monaco Pines Alpaca Ranch. If you haven't been to an alpaca facility, you MUST go. They are so great. Cute and soft and they only have bottom teeth. I don't know why I think that's cool, but I do. Here are some pics, and there are more on my Flickr (there's a link to the right).

If you don't know, alpacas are kind of like hairy llamas. Except that they're the softest thing int he world. You can tell the difference between them because llamas are bigger with thicker necks, and longer, banana-shaped ears.

(This is a llama.)

(This is an alpaca.)

Steven and a llama.

Justin feeding an alpaca.Stacy and a whole bunch of alpacas.

The ranch also had miniature donkeys. I think they look like muppets or something else from Jim Henson's imagination.

Here's my mom with the mini-donkeys.
I don't know why I don't have any pictures of James at the ranch. It was hard to get pictures because we all really just wanted to feed the animals. So fun.

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