My dear, late grandmother was the only person in the United States, probably even the world, who truly deeply believed in her heart that OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. I was 13 during the trial, and while I don't remember an awful lot about it, aside from the basics and the circus that surrounded it, I do remember her being absolutely sure that he was being framed. She died 10 years before his "hypothetical" confession, and I'm glad that she was never forced to see the truth.

Yesterday (Exactly 13 years since his acquittal, perhaps Irony is the ruling force of the universe.), OJ was found guilty on 12 counts of armed robbery and kidnapping, and he will be sentenced to jail, possibly for the rest of his life, on December 5. I have no doubt that jail is exactly where he belongs. I've never suffered under the delusion that Mr. Simpson was innocent of murder. I never for a moment thought that he was anything but guilty of robbery. However, I wonder how much of his conviction, and in turn how much of his sentence will be the result of the jury feeling that he got away with murder 13 years ago. I'm slightly ashamed to say that I'm a little uneasy with the probability of that.


Anne said...

I saw a poll that said that 90% of white Americans thot he was guilty of murder and only 10 % of balck americans. So your grandmother was not the only one.

Yeah, I think this verdict is delayed justice.

Anne said...

excuse me....Black Americans, sorry for the typo.

Terroni said...

This is not delayed justice. Not at all.

He slashed two people to death and spent the last 13 years playing fucking golf. There is no justice in that.