I received a comment on my blog tonight from someone calling themselves "Anne," here is what it says:

what ever are you talking about? You stocked up on birth control just in case McCain wins??? why? If you think that he would elimate control you are paranoid and out of touch with reality....really.

I've chosen to leave her misspelling of eliminate, as well as the rest of her punctuation errors, even though it irritates me. "Anne" does not have any contact information on her blogger account, or even an active blog (Isn't that convenient?), so I could not address her directly, therefore, I have chosen to do so here.

My "stock up on birth control" comment was actually a joke, I got my standard 3 month supply, however, I was basing the statement, and previous statements about the potential McCain administrations determination to steal my birth control on this editorial from the Houston Chronicle (August 10) :

Health and Human Services officials are considering a draft regulation that would classify most birth control pills, the Plan B emergency contraceptive and intrauterine devices as forms of abortion because they prevent the development of fertilized eggs into fetuses.

The rule, which does not require congressional approval, would allow health care workers who object to abortion on moral or religious grounds to refuse to counsel women on their birth control options or supply contraceptives. It would forbid more than half a million health agencies nationwide that receive federal funds from requiring employees to provide such services. Pharmacists could use the rule as a justification for refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, and insurance companies could cite it as a basis for declining to cover the costs...

[The] draft rule could void laws in 27 states that require insurance companies to provide birth control coverage for women requesting it. The rule also could counter laws in 14 states requiring that rape victims receive counseling and access to emergency, day-after contraceptives.

The Bush administration has stated that they support this, and it should come as no surprise that Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain agree.

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Terroni said...

Birth control is not abortion. But, without birth control, we will certainly have more abortions.

I don't have to tell the Republicans that, though. They're not stupid. They're just anti-choice. And, it especially bothers them when it's women making the choices.