Bono, King of Ireland.

Unfortunately, I know more than one person who might believe that's true...
Went to the doctor today and stocked up on birth control, you know, just in case McCain/Palin take over the world. (And if you think they'd be willing to stop with just the US, you've been misled.)

PS: God, I love Tina Fey!


Terroni said...

I get to sit in a NYC bar later this week to watch her debate.

Happy belated Rosh Hashanah to me!
(And I'm not even Jewish.)

Amanda said...

seriously! Tina Fey is FANTASTIC!

Terroni said...

I love the way Amanda is able to comment on political posts without saying anything political. At all.

It cracks me up. I've never seen anyone do non-confrontational quite so stealthily. In fact, it makes me want to post more politically-flavored stuff, just to watch her duck and weave.

It is fabulous and amazing!

Anne said...

what ever are you talking about? You stocked up on birth control just in case McCain wins??? why? If you think that he would elimate control you are paranoid and out of touch with reality....really.