Stolen from Terroni

Where is your cell phone? In my pocket...Wishful thinking, no one ever calls.

Vehicle? Dirty. Driveway.

Hair? Needs a trim.

Father? He's great, the very best. Here's a pic:Your favorite thing? It's a secret...shhh.

Dream last night? Finally a night without dreams!

Favorite drink? Cuba Libre (diet)

Room you are in? Living room, there's an electric blanket in here, and it's too cold everywhere else.

Your ex? Suddenly disappeared from Myspace...suspicious.

You are? Nearly ready for bed.

What do you want to be in ten years? Happy

Who did you hang out with today? Justin, Maybe.

What you're not? Skinny

Muffins? Where?? (see above)

One of your wish list items? This.

Where is the ____? I don't lose things. Not like that anyway.

The last thing you did? Checked Email.

What are you wearing? New pink nail polish. it's called "sweet" and is THIS COLOR.

Your pet(s)? Maybe!Your computer? I still really enjoy the novelty of carrying the laptop to the living room.

Your life? *shrug* Not half bad...well maybe half.

Your mood? Cynical.

Missing? Again, I don't lose things. Oh wait, did you mean missing-missing? *sigh*

What are you thinking about right now? Thinking that I better get to bed soon if I'm going to get up in time to do the treadmill tonight.

Your shoes? Almost always barefoot. Sometimes flip-flops, very occasionally boots. I really wish I could answer this question with "high heels, all the time."

Your work? I'm a bit burnt out.

Your summer? Up in the air at the moment.

Your favorite color? The color of molten metal, white/yellow/orange. I think the only thing you could call it is hot. The color of heat. And that sort of rich turquoise blue that they paint everything in Greece.


Terroni said...

Glad you stole it.
Fun to read.
Want your dog.

Amanda said...

Susan I have never laughed so hard when reading one of these things before! You should write a book!

Matt said...

Your nail polish isn't pink, it's lavender.