Telling Me Something...

I've been having dreams about frustration. I'm stringing tiny love beads on a wire and they keep falling off the other end because I can't figure out how to anchor them, or I'm trying to read a note and the words are blurry and I can't make them out. Sometimes I write a completely meaningless sentence on a dry erase board: "Kyle was 90," and then spend hours (in the dream) trying to figure out what it all seems so important, and I wake up all stressed out and frustrated.Then there are the fire dreams. I'm in a building, never my house, almost always some sort of office, and it's on fire, but the fire is far away in the building and I have a few minutes to pick out some important things to take with me and save from the fire. I can't ever figure out what stuff to take, I stand in the room completely freaking out and totally unable to decide what's important.

My favorite of the frustration dreams, (if you could pick a favorite, they're all so delightful, ugh) is the one where I dream of someone, like a narrator or announcer saying the word "bruxism" over and over very loudly, and then I wake up gritting my teeth. Fantastic.

So yeah, that's where I am right now if anyone is wondering. I guess frustrated is better than sad.

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Terroni said...

I wish I could be encouraging, but I'm not sleeping so great either. Maybe it's in the air.