For Valentine's Day, (yes I know it's early) Justin got me a pregnancy pillow. Don't go spreading rumors that I'm pregnant, or that Justin's a bad gift giver, because neither of those things is true. I have wanted one of these things forever (fine, about 5 years) because I sleep on my side, with a pillow under my head, one clutched against my belly and another one between my knees. I spend a whole lot of every night trying to corral the pillows and then, almost always, as soon as I get situated, I'm filled with a burning desire to roll over, and it starts again. With this, which I totally think should be named the greatest invention of all time, there is considerably less thrashing, and I managed to sleep for a full 8 hours without waking up, even once, to go to the bathroom, look out the window or wander the house to make sure the doors are locked. Fantastic!! Best. Gift. Ever.


Amanda said...

you know I heard those things are awesome! And if you love sleeping on your side, go ahead and get pregnant! haha...that's all you'll be able to do! :)

Brinkley said...

Yeah go ahead and get pregnant!

Of course the dang thing goes on sale 50% off right after I buy it... bah!

Susan said...

I don't -think- so.