Pomp and Circumstance

We got back from Amarillo last night. We went for Justin's sisters graduation banquet, she has finished dental hygienist schoo. Here's Ashlie at her fancy table:

We thought that we were going to a party at their parents' house and then on to the graduation ceremony so we just packed regular clothes and headed on our way. When we got there we found out that it was a semi-formal banquet. So, that to me just means church clothes, which we were prepared for, but Justin found some crazy site online and got some advice from a friend telling him that a.) in the case of the website, semi-formal is black tie (formal being white tie) and b.) in the case of his friend that he had to at least wear a jacket and tie. Neither of which he had. I was supposed to wear a cocktail dress... right like I've got a cocktail dress just lying around. So there was some drama but his mom said that Justin should just wear a button down dress shirt and dress pants, so we went to the store and bought him some (she paid us back for them thank goodness). So then there was some more drama because Justin is terrified of being the worst dressed person somewhere because apparently as a teenager he had to wear the borrow jacket at the Amarillo Club. (Which isn't fancy, just pretentious.) Anyway, it totally traumatized him and he was afraid that he was going to embarass me, or his sister or himself...

Anyway, we finally convinced him that his clothes were fine, and this is what we looked like at the party:(You can't tell but I was wearing a black and white sort of Donna Reed style skirt and a black strapless top both with yellow accents. Lovely.) We both looked perfectly fine and no one was wearing anything fancier and we had a good time.

Here are Justin, Ashlie and Nikaia at the party:

We couldn't stay for the actual school graduation, because it wasn't until 7pm yesterday and we had to get home because we work tonight, but I did get the picture of Ashlie:

We are really proud of her.

Now if we can get Justin the rest of the way through school, we'll all live happily ever after. :)

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